Vendors at ProMatDX tout the benefits of an integrated approach to WES and WMS as a means of streamlining deployments and eliminating integration projects. 

At Softeon, offering WMS and WES as a unified platform isn’t new, though it’s a point of differentiation the software vendor is stressing at ProMatDX. As Dan Gilmore, chief marketing officer for Softeon explains, Softeon’s approach make use of its services-based software architecture that breaks either WMS or WES functions into a shared component library, from which needed components can be mixed and matched to meet user needs. 

While some of Softeon’s users will opt for both full WMS and full WES from Softeon, the component architecture also allows a small piece of WES-level functionality such as communication with picking subsystems, to be added to WMS, or a WMS-level function like compliance labelling to be added to the WES.

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