Softeon Chief Revenue Officer Patrick Maley and Spinnaker SCA Senior VP Joel Garcia discuss why accomplishing work fast in the warehouse is so tied to generating revenue.

Softeon worked with Supply Chain Management Review and Logistics Management to research the topic and present the webinar to members of the logistics community.

“Designing for speed is the foundation for a nimble and responsive 3PLs. Thoughtful and strategic design from the beginning is critical.”

Patrick Maley | CRO at Softeon

In this webinar, we explored how 3PLs can enhance their speed and efficiency. Topics covered included:

  • Why is speed important to 3PLs?
  • How thoughtful design impacts your warehouse’s efficiency
  • Tips for onboarding new customers quickly
  • Ways to rapidly adapt to new workflows, integrations, and requirements
  • Methods to access and act upon data quickly
  • Techniques to quickly capture client activity and bill to generate revenue

In the world of 3PLs, speed translates directly into financial success. The ability to quickly open new facilities, onboard customers, and adapt to new requirements and processes sets top performers apart from the rest.

“A 3PL has to have the ability to templatize their implementations in order to get speed.”

Joel Garcia | Senior VP at Spinnaker SCA

Reach out to Softeon to learn more about how to fill your proverbially rocket ship and take off at speed!

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