We provide a full suite of flexible and robust end-to-end supply chain software solutions to deliver success - every time.

Distributed Order Management System (DOMS)

Distributed Order Management System (DOMS)

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse Execution System (WES)

Warehouse Execution System (WES)

We provide a full suite of flexible and robust end-to-end supply chain software solutions to deliver success - every time.
Softeon's supply chain solutions have a 100% implementation success record

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Manage and Direct Distribution Center Activities to Reduce Costs, Improve Inventory Control and Improve Customer Service


Distributed Order Management (DOM)

Orchestrate order fulfillment like a maestro.

Rapidly Enable Omnichannel Processes, Choose Optimal Sourcing Location, Achieve Network Wide Inventory and Order Visibility and More in Retail and Beyond with our Distributed Order Management Systems


Graphic demonstrating DOM software by Softeon
Softeon's supply chain management software surpasses the competition in warehouse execution

Warehouse Execution System (WES)

Delivering the warehouse of the future - today.

Take Order Picking and Fulfillment to the Next Level through Simulation, Optimization and Orchestration, with WMS Warehouse Software Systems or Standalone


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Softeon is a global warehouse management company and provider of innovative supply chain solutions and warehouse management systems that deliver success, every time. Our extremely broad suite of supply chain management solutions are provided on a single, integrated SOA-based technology platform, and are anchored by our warehouse software systems and Distributed Order Management systems (DOM). Softeon also provides a broad array of additional logistics and supply chain management solutions, including Warehouse Execution Systems, Labor and Resource Management, 3PL Billing, Vendor Managed Inventory, Supply Chain Planning Software (Plan2Fulfill), Supply Chain Tracking, and much more.

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Warehouse Management Systems, or WMS, is a very well-known category of supply chain software, first adopted more than 45 years ago, and now managing operations in thousands if not tens of thousands of distribution center worldwide.

There is no question that Warehouse Management Systems – WMS – were late to the Cloud versus Transportation Management and other types of supply chain software, for a variety of reasons. Those included concerns that there would be issues with processes that require millisecond response times, such as communicating with material handling systems or even label printing. The good news: many of those concerns appear to be far overblown, especially if the WMS was architected to maximize Cloud response times. Lately, we’ve seen about two-thirds of new WMS implementations as cloud-based deployments.
Outside of few sectors such as grocery and food service, our perception is that the interest in full blown engineered labor standards in Distribution is waning a bit. Companies, it seems, are increasingly reluctant to invest in the initial development and especially the on-going maintenance of engineered standards as things change over time. But that hardly means companies aren’t interested in detailed labor reporting by individual, comparing performance against a standard, such as cases or units picked per hour. Quite the opposite.

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Warehouse Management and Warehouse Execution Systems Deliver Throughput, Operating Cost Reduction, and ROI
Advanced Capabilities include “Always-On” Operating Mode, Automated Order and Pick Release, Order Orchestration and Optimization
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Hand trucks seem like a simple invention, but they're an absolute lifesaver for many who work in large, busy warehouses. Here are 9 hand trucks that ensure seamless #warehouseManagement https://t.co/YgGhBnEPA8
Amazon has been able to avoid the recent chaotic supply chain issues by having their own containers and cargo vehicles, a project they've been quietly working on for years. #supplychainmanagement #shippingmanagement https://t.co/QZlGHLStib
Softeon’s Warehouse Management System (#WMS Software) provides a powerful solution to optimizing #distribution. To learn more about this innovative #software and request a demo, click this link. #WMScloud https://t.co/ZG3OnoGJtT
Proper planning is vital to meeting demands. Softeon has been trusted to provide #warehouse #management solutions to established companies such as Sony, Universal, and Sears. Check out our full solution suite: https://t.co/YhyzcAhAPf
When we think of the #supplyChain, we don't think of how hackers could be involved. But in fact, hackers can get into shipping logistics and cause havoc. See how cyber attacks affect shipping in the link. #CyberHacks https://t.co/gOGwx6Ab6w https://t.co/jMayXG0MBL
With the world still reeling from a pandemic, the #supplychain has been on hold. Businesses have been struggling with shipments and #supply but that doesn't mean you can't step your game up and perform better. https://t.co/t49HlLiqZr https://t.co/5FIeYYsdYy
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Big news from Moody Analytics, as the firm predicts the ongoing supply chain crisis will only get worse. This situation highlights the role of #supplychain management. https://t.co/fdDuVZFKhd https://t.co/qnJo2bJA2k
It's the final week of our WMS BOOT CAMP 2022! Register now for Thursday's session and get access to the whole #training series on-demand! This week it's all about YOUR questions and getting the answers you need for #WMS success... https://t.co/O7gNipmxQO https://t.co/4JTStstEnO
Many companies are finding high #productivity gains with new #WMS capabilities. But what does it take for such integrations to be successful? Find out in our blog: #warehousemanagement #wms https://t.co/XnDWfgMeQL
When it comes to major supply chain issues, so much of it can be traced to a few root causes, such as lack of #data and information. Learn more #supplychain #supplychainmanagement https://t.co/oZgZwNNbG0
@DCVC at #MODEX2022: Softeon Warehouse of the Future https://t.co/7Ln2YGXV90
Dynamic #Slotting is an advanced #WMS capability where a pick location is temporarily assigned to a SKU. Once work is done, the slot is then free to be assigned to another #SKU. Learn more on this and other terms: https://t.co/y0HoB0nGtq https://t.co/PLdlo2ez1g
Making time for frequent modernizations and upgrades might be difficult in the midst of everyday #production needs, yet neglecting to do so can be detrimental to enterprises. Why #warehouses need #automation: https://t.co/xty62dxHOy https://t.co/1rRpiu9rEG
#MODEX2022 will be in full-swing by this time next week! Join us for a special #automation and #fulfillment event on Wednesday afternoon with @LocusRobotics and @SaddleCreekLog https://t.co/U2nVkHOCMY

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WMS Boot Camp is here! Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) have been around for more than 40 years, yet the WMS market remains hot, driven by ecommerce fulfillment, more complex operations, interest in the Cloud and greatly increasingly levels of automation.

To receive the results and success you expect requires end-to-end excellence, from business case development through go-live and time-to-value.

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