Our solutions thrive in complex environments. Different order types, units of measure, picking methods, and shipping methods are commonplace in this vertical. In addition, there are often many possible fulfillment nodes including warehouses, stores, and 3PL partners. Softeon WMS, WES, and DOM are designed to tackle these challenges.


Empowering Omnichannel Retailers with Fulfillment Excellence

Today, with transformative impact of ecommerce, retailers and DTC brand companies must acquire a new set of fulfillment capabilities.

Optimizing Fulfillment with Softeon’s Dynamic Order Management and Warehouse Integration

Softeon’s Distributed Order Management System (DOM solution empowers fulfillment orchestration at the network level, identifying the optimal sourcing point across the extended network based on granular, real-time visibility into inventories, customer commitments and SLAs, supply chain capacities and constraints, shipping costs and other attributes.

Our powerful rules engine considers all these variables to identify and execute the fulfillment paths that satisfy customers while achieving the greatest profitability – with those rules easily modified over time without new coding as needs and strategies change.

Our Warehouse Management + Execution System orchestrates fulfillment at the DC by also dynamically executing rules for each order and individual pick, using optimization and “always-on” conditions and event monitoring to meet demand and SLAs at the least possible operating cost.

That includes synchronizing picks coming from multiple areas and types of automation/technologies in a continuous flow of goods, and dynamically adjusting priorities as a day or shift progresses, moving from a focus on optimization early-on to ensuring service levels and carrier cut off times are met as the day/shift nears its end.

The result:

Maximum profitability and happy customers
Optimizing Fulfillment image 2
Optimizing Fulfillment image 1

Make Sense of WMS, WCS, and WES.

Understand the differences and how they work together to optimize your operations.

Revolutionizing Retail Distribution with Softeon’s Advanced Capabilities

Those proven new capabilities in addition to the core distribution requirements commonly needed by retailers, including strong support for crossdocking/flow through, put-to-store, advanced wave management and waveless order release processes, and much more.

Softeon is also the leader in supporting distribution automation. That includes taking direct control of order picking subsystems without the need for any additional software, reducing costs and optimizing fulfillment performance. Directly supported technologies include Voice, smart carts, pick-to-light, goods-to-person systems, put walls, mobile robots and more.

In addition to DOM, WMS and WES solutions, Softeon drives retail distribution performance with a number of complementary modules:

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