Technology and Electronics

In today’s dynamic landscape of technology and electronics, our supply chain solutions serve as the linchpin of operational efficiency. Crafted to address the unique challenges of the industry, our system ensures a streamlined flow of components, products, and innovation.

Supply Chain Solutions

Energizing supply chain performance with visibility and connectivity

High-tech assembly presents many challenges for electronics manufacturers, contract manufacturers and 3PLs. Good supply chain management systems streamline the process. Great supply chain systems hold the potential to transform value-added operations with true supplier integration, including materials tracking, just-in-time (JIT) stock replenishment and returns management.

Softeon supply chain management solutions for high tech offer complete visibility into parts and components for manufacturing and assembly. With Softeon’s WMS, the warehouse turns into a connectivity center where your organization collaborates with suppliers to improve customer SLAs. Your capabilities are extended to drive down supply chain costs and improve customer service.

High-tech supplier integration

High-tech supplier integration

Inventory levels, order quantities and assembly requirements must be constantly adjusted to support rapid shifts in production based on demand and product lifecycles. Softeon planning tools manage the process to maintain minimum inventory levels and order quantities as well as perform automatic stock replenishment and PO generation. Softeon high-tech solutions allow:

Integrated capture and processing of both serialized and non-serialized parts and components

Postponement, assembly, kitting and de-kitting functionality

Inbound inspection and quality checking to support quality assurance programs

Multi-level bill-of-materials support

Sophisticated inventory allocation rules within the DC or across the network to support supplier integration Flexible options for order release (by waves, auto order based on events, etc.)

Plugging into Softeon next-gen solutions

From the implementation phase to day-to-day operations, Softeon WMS and extended supply chain management solutions positively affect the bottom line with low total cost of ownership. Softeon technology, completely web based and built with service-oriented architecture, makes it all happen without customization and costly implementations, even as the business rules and your partners change.

Softeon capabilities for electronics companies

Softeon Warehouse Management
Warehouse Management
System (WMS)

The WMS adapts to multi-channel orders, adjusts workflows, optimizes pick-lines based on demand, and ensures robust tracking for compliance.

Assembly & Kitting
Assembly & Kitting
Management System

Mutli-channel: build-to-order, serialized assembly, lot control, custom packaging, and auto-inserting promotional items for seasons.

Distributed Order
Distributed Order
Management System (DOM)

DOM orchestrates various order types – home delivery, specialty drugs, refrigerated, hazardous, USP 800, Schedule 1 and 2, controlled substances, etc.

Return Process
Returns Process

Rule-driven of a variety of configurable workflows to optimally process returns from diverse channels.

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