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Navigate regulatory landscapes with confidence. Our solutions integrate robust compliance and quality assurance features, ensuring that your food and beverage products meet the highest standards.

Fueling bottom-line supply chain performance

Food wholesalers, distributors and processors must move product through the warehouse with extreme efficiency to make their margins. Whether fresh produce or frozen foods, every case lot, pallet and SKU must be tracked and handled under tight regulatory compliance measures and to meet customer SLAs. There’s no room for error or inefficiency with product recalls, dock and load scheduling and product re-handling on the dock.

Softeon supply chain

Softeon supply chain management solutions automate processes for real-time visibility and management of the entire food warehouse. Strong rules-based receiving and outbound functionality optimizes order and picking processes for improved operations, complete with KPI tracking and WIP performance dashboards. Softeon web-native technology links disparate systems into an integrated food supply chain with these advanced features:

Share information with partners: ASN interfaces for improved inventory control and real-time visibility of order status and inventory for vendors, customers and retailers

Complex order processing for product, pricing/discount configurations

Customer-specific slotting and optimization capabilities to identify optimal product placement by evaluating user-defined preferences and constraints

Accurate compliance with FIFO rules and batch management (sell by, best before and expiration dates)

End-to-end tracking and auditability for regulatory compliance and accurate recalls

Advanced tracking capabilities include batch, lot, and serial number tracking at multiple handling-unit level

Real-time WIP dashboards eliminate bottlenecks in picking and loading during progression of pick waves to ensure timely and accurate orders

Advanced task management includes functionality for better managing cold storage items to improve shelf life

Smart food industry supply chain solution

With Softeon, formerly manual or non-direct processes are easily automated for higher efficiency with Softeon web-native technology. That means customer queries are addressed and loads, including “milk runs” (direct store deliveries), run better.

Softeon technology enables easy integration between internal and external systems including ERP and order fulfillment systems. All Softeon industry solutions include comprehensive picking functionality that supports RF, Voice and RFID technologies as well as material handling equipment (MHE) integration.

Softeon Manufacturing Core Modules

Softeon Warehouse Management
Warehouse Management
System (WMS)

The WMS adapts to multi-channel orders, adjusts workflows, optimizes pick-lines based on demand, and ensures robust tracking for compliance.

Assembly & Kitting
Assembly & Kitting

Multi-channel support: build-to-order, serialized assembly, lot control, custom packaging, and auto-inserting promotional items for seasons.

Transportation Management
Transportation Management

Adaptable functions optimize carrier selection, integrating seamlessly for visibility, manifesting, and generating compliant labels/documents.

Yard Management
Yard Management

Efficiently track and manage trailers/containers in the shipping yard. Schedule appointment, check-in/out, and use a graphical yard tool for complete visibility.

Resource Management
Resource Management

Powerful tools that enable you to control and optimize labor and equipment resources performance to reduce costs and minimize execution variability.

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