Softeon Warehouse Management System (WMS) Delivers Distribution Excellence


Softeon’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides a powerful WMS system for optimizing distribution, loaded with innovative, differentiated capabilities that comprehensively handle the basics (receiving, putaway, inventory management, order picking, loading, shipping, etc.) but also providing unique functionality to give your operation a competitive edge.

Our warehouse management software is delivered in the Cloud or on-premise, with a 100% track record of deployment success.

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With Softeon's Warehouse Management System & Software, Your WMS Project will be a Success

Softeon has by far the industry’s best project track record, with a history of 100% wms software implementation success, unmatched in the WMS market. Industry analysts regularly cite the high level of satisfaction among Softeon WMS system customers.

That makes Softeon the safe choice for your distribution needs, since you can move forward with confidence that your WMS project will also be successful – just as it has been for all other Softeon customers going back 20 years. We have won a number of customer awards as a top vendor for WMS solutions – almost unheard of for a WMS software company.

We have a relentless focus on project success and rapid time to value, and uniquely offer fixed price deployments.

Innovative Features Deliver ROI

Softeon warehouse management software has a number of innovative features that combine to reduce costs beyond a typical WMS solution, enhancing our customers’ ROI from the project and avoiding the need for customizations.

Just a few examples include:

  • Robust configuration parameters provide built-in flexibility, deliver out-of-box solution
  • Direct integration and optimization of a variety of materials handling system technologies, from put walls to mobile robots
  • Wave-based, waveless, or combination order release
  • Rules-engine foundation that provides high levels of adaptability and in some cases “completely solves the problem” in terms of flexibility
  • Unique “pick route” functionality enables configuration of multiple order picking strategies and parameters
  • Unique approach to warehouse zone management, enabling a “one to many” (one location mapped to multiple zone types) approach provides advanced operational control and precision
  • Robust inventory control features, including sophisticated cycle counting capabilities and rich support for lot/batch control, expiry date management, non-standard units of measure and more
  • With Softeon’s complementary Warehouse Execution System (WES), simulation-based resource planning and dynamic allocation
Comprehensive Suite of Complementary WMS Solutions

Comprehensive Suite of Complementary WMS Solutions

Softeon's warehouse management software provides all the add-on components you need, now or in the future, from Resource/Labor Management to Slotting Optimization and more, all built on the same services-based advanced technology platform.

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Softeon Warehouse Management System

Softeon Warehouse Management Software: Advanced Technology for the Modern Warehouse