Softeon WMS - Warehouse Management System Software

WMS Software - Warehouse Management System

Softeon’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) software provides a powerful solution for optimizing distribution, loaded with innovative, differentiated capabilities that comprehensively handle the basics (receiving, putaway, inventory management, barcode warehouse management, order picking and packing, loading, shipping, etc.) while also providing unique functionality to give your operations a competitive edge.

Our flexible warehouse management system (WMS) software is delivered in the Cloud, with deep, rich functionality that almost always delivers an out-of-the-box solution for large and mid-size companies.

A WMS Convergence Platform

Softeon provides what Gartner calls a WMS Convergence Platform. What does that mean?

It means Softeon offers a broad portfolio of supporting modules that can be combined with the WMS Warehouse Management Systems, all developed by Softeon, operating on a common technology platform and with out-of-the-box integration across the full suite of products.

Complementary Softeon modules include:

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Softeon’s Warehousing Software provides a Broad WMS Platform to Meet Your Distribution Needs

Softeon’s WMS software brings together resource planning and the IoT technology to provide you with an out-of-the-box total WMS software solution.

Warehouse Execution

With WMS or standalone, our Warehouse Execution System (WES) is a powerful tool for optimizing and orchestrating order fulfillment, labor planning and more. Optimizes the flow of goods in more automated DCs, increasing throughput and reducing variability,, but also delivers real value in more manual environments. Includes automated release of work to DC floor, waveless picking, and more.

Resource Management

Our version of Labor Management is called Resource Management because it plans for and tracks equipment as well as human resources. Provides detailed reporting of labor performance by individual, task type, and direct/indirect work, and full engineered standards as desired, but also offers a unique statistical approach that providers nearly all of the value at much reduced cost and effort.

Parcel Shipping

Softeon is one of the very few WMS providers to offer its own Parcel Shipping system as part of the WMS, with certified integration to all the major parcel carriers, rate shopping capabilities, compliant labels, out of the box support for print and apply of parcel labels, and more. Comes as part of the WMS at no additional cost.

3PL Billing

Softeon’s strength in the third-party logistics (3PL) sector is in part the result of our sophisticated Billing Management system. Natively integrated to the WMS, the billing solution provides the ability to create client rate cards for each client, and capture all billable services and activities. It can also be used by non-3PLs to allocate costs across business units in a shared services environment.

Assembly and Kitting Support

Softeon offers a robust assembly and kitting capability, supporting kitting (kit to stock, kit to order), dekitting, full work order processing, multi-level bill of materials management, detailed costing, automated replenishment to work cells, inventory backflushing and more.

Enterprise Integration Workbench

Integration to EPR and other enterprise software plus material handling systems is critical to overall Warehouse Management System success. At Softeon, we’re the integration experts, a combination of a flexible approach and a powerful tool set in our Enterprise Integration Workbench (EIW. This tool set includes an integration configurator, simulation tool, and real-time interface monitor.

WMS Warehouse Management Software

With Softeon's Warehouse Management System Software, your WMS system project will be a Success.

Softeon has by far the WMS industry’s best track record of deployment, with a history of 100% project success, unmatched in the Warehouse Management market. Industry analysts regularly cite the high-level of satisfaction and results across Softeon’s WMS software system customers.

That makes Softeon's WMS software the safe choice for your distribution needs, enabling you to move forward with confidence that your WMS software project will be successful too – just as it has been for all other Softeon customers going back more than 20 years. We have won a number of customer awards as a top vendor after implementing our WMS warehouse management system software – almost unheard of for a software company.


What are the keys to delivering WMS success?

  • Functionally-rich, highly configurable capabilities that always provide an out-of-the-box or near out-of-the box warehouse management applicaton.
  • Fixed-price deployments - almost unheard of in the warehouse management industry - giving you cost certainty.
  • A relentless focus on project success and rapid time to value.
  • An integration focus, whether it’s to ERP, materials handling or other systems, using a flexible approach and our powerful Enterprise Integration Workbench.
  • A platform for change: with Softeon extended Warehouse Management Application, you will work with a true collaborative partner invested in your success, with a proven track record of supporting innovation and continuous improvement over time.
Warehouse Management: What are the keys to delivering that success?

Our Success as a Leader in Warehouse Management Software

No WMS provider delivers successful results like we do


Success rate in rolling out WMS solutions


In product score for Level 3 and 4 warehouse use cases and fourth in Level 5 by Gartner


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Softeon Warehouse Management System – Innovative Features

Softeon Warehouse Management Software System – Innovative Features

Softeon WMS warehouse management system software has a number of innovative features that combine to reduce operating costs beyond typical WMS software, enhancing our customers’ ROI from the project and avoiding the need for customizations.

Just a few examples from our warehousing software include:

  • Robust configuration parameters provide built-in flexibility, and deliver an out-of-box solution.
  • Direct integration and optimization of a variety of materials handling system technologies, from put walls to mobile robots to conveyors, goods-to-person systems, and more.
  • Wave-based, waveless, or combination order release.
  • Dynamic rules-engine foundation that provides high levels of adaptability and in some cases “completely solves the problem” in terms of flexibility without code changes.
  • Unique “pick route” functionality enables configuration of multiple order picking strategies and parameters.
  • Differentiated approach to warehouse zone management, providing a “one-to-many” approach (one location mapped to multiple zone types) that provides advanced operational control and precision.
  • Robust warehouse management system tools, ecommerce warehouse management, inventory control features, including sophisticated cycle counting capabilities and rich support for lot/batch control, expiry date management, non-standard units of measure and more.
  • Native, powerful parcel shipping capabilities that come with the Softeon warehousing software.
  • With Softeon’s complementary Warehouse Execution System (WES), simulation-based resource planning and dynamic labor allocation, along with next-generation order fulfillment orchestration.
  • Optional Distributed Order Management (DOM) solution to optimize order sourcing decisions, quickly enable omnichannel processes, orchestrate order fulfillment, and select the lowest cost shipping option while considering network capacities and constraints.
Softeon Warehouse Management System – Innovative Features
Benefits of Softeon Warehouse Management Software

Benefits of Softeon Warehouse Management System Software

As top WMS warehousing software providers, Softeon's solutions offer a wide range of benefits. Those include:

  • Granular, real-time inventory visibility and control, both within a distribution center and across DCs in a company’s network, providing very high levels of inventory, accuracy by location and SKU, managing almost unlimited attributes (e.g., lot, batch, expiration date, unit of measure and more.)
  • Significantly improved labor productivity, driven by paperless operations, warehouse management system software direction of all activities in the DC (task management) and optimization of picking and other tasks through wave-based order release, intelligent order batching, pick path optimization, techniques such as batch and cluster picking, real-time replenishment and more.
  • Improved shipping accuracy, resulting from real-time confirmation of picking and loading activities, with flexible audit programs that can be configured to meet specific requirements.
  • Increased individual process and facility throughput.
  • Improved customer compliance in terms of labeling, documentation, data flow, and shipping requirements, improving customer satisfaction and where relevant reducing costly chargebacks from retailers and other customers.


Experience the Softeon Warehouse Management System (WMS) Difference

Softeon is a very different type of Warehouse Management System vendor, confident that we provide the industry’s best warehouse inventory management software in terms of functionality and configurability.

Just as importantly, Softeon is a company that is uniquely focused on your success now - and over time.

Let’s start the conversation about how we can deliver a best Warehouse Management Software WMS solution for your company today.

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