Third-party logistics

In the realm of third-party logistics, our Warehouse Management System stands as a beacon of efficiency and operational excellence. Seamlessly integrating into your supply chain, it is designed to optimize every facet of warehouse processes.


Softeon is the global leader in Warehouse Management Systems for 3PLs

Softeon provides a powerful and adaptable warehouse management software solution tailored for the third-party logistics (3PL) sector. This is complemented by top-tier 3PL billing capabilities and an extensive range of additional supply chain execution solutions.

Our focus is on providing the necessary resources to optimize and run even the most complex 3PL warehouses. With an optimized warehouse, 3PLs can improve productivity and grow. We also specialize in integrating systems, which is a challenge for some software companies. This makes it easier for 3PLs to integrate seamlessly with their client’s systems.

Revolutionizing Supply

Revolutioning Supply Chains with Softeon’s Comprehensive Solutions Suite

Softeon solves all these challenges and more through our powerful suite of innovative supply chain solutions, anchored by our Warehouse Management System (WMS), Warehouse Execution System (WES) and Distributed Order Management (DOM) system. WMS, WES, and DOM are complemented with a broad portfolio of additional capabilities, including Billing Management, Labor Management, Yard Management, Kitting, and much more.

All this delivered on a single, integrated 3PL logistics software platform. Softeon provides robust capabilities to configure the solution to each client’s individual needs and to pursue new business opportunities.

The WMS offers extensive configurability at the individual client level. It includes a configurator wizard that assists clients in easily replicating systems across different operations or buildings. Additionally, it supports unlimited, customer-specific rule-sets and workflows within a single site.

A Powerful and Flexible 3PL Warehouse Management Software

We consistently hear from 3PLs a similar set of challenges they have with their current Warehouse Management and other IT systems:

Lack of flexibility to configure the 3PL systems to meet new or prospective client requirements

Too much time and difficulty on-boarding new clients

Too many disparate systems to cover all needed vertical industries and/or both large and small clients

Lost revenue from the inability to capture all chargeable services

Softeon solutIONS

Softeon Warehouse Management
Warehouse Management
System (WMS)

The WMS adapts to multi-channel orders, adjusts workflows, optimizes pick-lines based on demand, and ensures robust tracking for compliance.

Warehouse Execution System
Warehouse Execution System (WES)

Softeon offers a fully integrated WES along with our Warehouse Management System (WMS) that helps supply chain leaders manage broad and complex integration along with warehouse orchestration. In other words, Softeon’s WES becomes the central nervous system of your warehouse.

Distributed Order Management (DOM)
Distributed Order
Management (DOM)

DOM orchestrates various order types – home delivery, specialty drugs, refrigerated, hazardous, USP 800, Schedule 1 and 2, controlled substances, etc.

Optimized Capabilities for Third-Party Logistics

Highlighted features of Softeon’s end-to-end solution for third-party logistics include:

Advanced 3PL WMS system that supports virtually all vertical sectors with a single solution, with a proven ability to scale from the largest, most complex operations to much smaller facilities and operational scope.

Focus on integration, with the tools and an approach that takes what is a major challenge for most software companies and make it easy for Softeon and our 3PL system customers to integrate with client system

All this and more from a company that is laser focused on our 3PL customers’ success, with the support and true partnership approach.

Highlighted features

Increase Warehouse Management Efficiency with Warehouse Management System

Learn how DOM optimizes inbound and outbound order routing in both B2C and B2B ecosystems.

A 3PL Warehouse Management System that Delivers for Logistics Service Providers

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