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Softeon is a leading global provider of technology solutions in the Supply Chain domain. For over two decades, we have been innovating and helping our customers gain significant benefits in their supply chains, including agility and optimization for performance and results. With consistent growth and strong investments in R&D, we offer a powerful product suite that covers the spectrum—from supply chain planning to execution.

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Who We Are

Our mission is simple — to increase our clients’ supply chain efficiency and improve their customers’ experiences through innovative, flexible supply chain software, delivered effectively and at fair value – every time.

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Our Partners

Our partnership strategy is focused on delivering powerful business benefits and value, matching core capabilities with structured programs that ensure mutual benefit for both organizations and, most importantly, our customers.

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At Softeon, we put customers and employees first and have a 100% track record of customer success. We’ a’re always looking for forward-thinking, innovative and customer-focused team members who believe in taking their careers and our success to new levels of excellence.

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