Warehouse Execution System

In the dynamic landscape of modern logistics, warehouses have transformed into the bustling hearts of supply chains. With the surge in automation, robotics, kitting, value-added services and labor volatility, warehouses have evolved into complex ecosystems. Warehouse Execution Systems (WES), a response to the challenges faced by today's warehouses, have emerged as the best way to manage this evolution. Softeon offers a fully integrated WES along with our Warehouse Management System (WMS) that helps supply chain leaders manage broad and complex integration along with warehouse orchestration. In other words, Softeon's WES becomes the central nervous system of your warehouse.

Orchestration with Softeon WES

Much like the central nervous system's role in maintaining the body's equilibrium, Softeon's WES plays a critical role in maintaining the operational equilibrium of the warehouse, identifying bottlenecks and optimizing productivity throughout your facility. The rules-based engine serves as your command center, ensuring orders are routed efficiently, and adapting and redirecting in real-time as demand changes.

Integration Expertise

The explosion of automation and robotics vendors has added many new capabilities into warehouse operations. But along with traditional MHE and other enterprise software integration, it also means more frequent integrations with new and emerging vendors. Softeon's WES allows you to manage all your integration needs, whether its material handling equipment, robotics, and other enterprise software, on a single platform. Our intuitive and robust APIs help you manage the workload when creating real time integration to whatever comes your way. We make it easy. You spend less time integrating and more time focused on improving productivity.


Warehouse Execution System Data Sheet

Softeon’s Warehouse Execution System (WES) is a powerful tool to enable companies to meet customer

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Article: (WES) is a powerful tool to...

Warehouse execution system software got its start by helping DC operations to balance the flow of work across various automated systems.

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