Warehouse Management for the Agile Supply Chain

Next-generation platform enabling supply chain convergence

Warehouse management systems (WMS) control inventory and distribution, the heart of the supply chain. But warehouse operations require deep functionality to enable partner collaboration and flexible, global supply chains. Core warehouse functions like inbound receiving, putaway, picking, shipping, loading and replenishment need to coordinate with other supply chain processes like distributed order management, web fulfillment and vendor managed inventory.

Softeon WMS provides more than just real-time control over inbound, outbound and inventory management processes. The highly-configurable system adapts with your warehouse operations to streamline end-to-end supply chain execution processes. Consider these benefits with Softeon next-gen WMS technology:

  • Completely web-native system that simplifies the user experience and reduces the cost and complexity of implementation and the need for ongoing support
  • Component-based technology and service-oriented architecture eliminates costly software integration and customization
  • Highly scalable architecture with proven ability to process high volumes of orders across complex operations

Core and extended WMS functions support supply chain convergence

With Softeon WMS, more is possible within the four walls of your warehouse and beyond. The best-of-breed WMS solution provides all the expected functionality of a WMS with the potential to enhance your warehouse operations with extended WMS functionality, including these features:

  • Complex inventory management capabilities including advanced cross docking and deep functionality for lot/batch control, expiration data management as well as serial number capture and management
  • Powerful wave management capabilities with complete execution control over order release and completion within the distribution center
  • Advanced task management and productivity tracking
  • Native graphical warehouse simulation and visibility capability to enable managers to evaluate the cost and effect of operating tives using their own data at any point in operating history
  • Proven capability for comprehensive, seamless integration to material handling automation systems

Softeon Warehouse Management System

Softeon Warehouse Management System:  Advanced Technology for the Modern Warehouse




Softeon modular solutions move the supply chain forward

Softeon’s modular approach to its suite of supply chain planning and execution solutions and strong technical foundation allows you to easily integrate and operate other supply chain management solutions with WMS. Whether you choose a stand-alone system like Softeon’s robust WMS or start with another Softeon solution or any other industry solution, Softeon has you covered with the ability to add modules at any time.

Discover how Softeon WMS delivers the true the Softeon Advantage for higher levels of productivity, reduced operational costs and improved customer service.

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