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Next-generation platform enabling supply chain convergence

Softeon’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides a powerful platform for optimizing distribution, loaded with innovative, differentiated capabilities that comprehensively handle the basics (receiving, putaway, inventory management, order picking, loading, shipping, etc.) but also providing unique functionality to give your operation a competitive edge.

With a rules engine foundation and multiple levels of adaptability, Softeon WMS provides unequaled levels of flexibility to meet current and future needs and operational workflows right out of the box. Recognized by industry analysts such as Gartner for our level of product innovation, Softeon’s WMS is one of the anchor solutions in Softeon’s single, integrated SOA-based suite of software that includes Distributed Order Management (DOM), Labor and Resource Management, Slotting Optimization, Yard Management, Assembly and Kitting, and much more.

It’s why leaders in their industries such as Duluth Trading Co., Sears Home Services, Lenova, Saddlecreek Logistics, The Honest Co. and dozens more power their distribution centers with Softeon WMS. 

Softeon is also the market leader in WMS in the Cloud, with numerous implementations among both large and smaller operations, representing some 50% of our new WMS deployments. Traditional on-premise implementations, or hybrid models are of course also welcome.​

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With Softeon, Your WMS Project will be a Success

Softeon has by far the industry’s best project track record, with a history of 100% implementation success. It’s a fact no one else in the industry can match. Industry analysts regularly cite the high level of satisfaction among Softeon customers.

Softeon is the safe choice, because our history demonstrates your project will also be successful – just as it has been for all other Softeon customers going back 20 years. We have won a number of customer awards as a top vendor – almost unheard of for a software company.

Innovative Features Deliver ROI

Softeon has a number of innovative features that combine to reduce costs beyond a typical WMS implementation, enhancing our customers’ ROI from the project and avoiding the need for customizations.

Just a few examples include:

  • “Pick Route” capabilities that enable customers to uniquely configure the sequential areas where inventory should be allocated, define pick methods and data collection techniques, perform in-line value added services, sequence the steps in an order from pick to loading, and much more. No muss, no fuss, no mods.
  • A powerful task management engine that uses advanced intelligence to dynamically assign work to DC associates, in a loosely coupled approach that maximizes flexibility.
  • Wave or “wavelesss” processing, with advanced auto or manual wave creation, using our rules engine to provide granular selection criteria. Or go waveless with a larger pool of order for dynamic hard inventory allocation and pick assignment.
  • Sophisticated inventory allocation functionality perfect for omnichannel commerce or other companies that support multiple business units, including “virtual” inventory segregation and allocation of inbound or expected goods.
  • Superior algorithmic 3D cartonization capabilities that also consider picking efficiency when building lowest cost shipping cartons.
  • Slotting optimization that supports advanced dynamic slotting, and makes the slotting process easy so that, compared to many slotting solutions, it is actually used.
  • New Order Fulfillment System (OFS) that takes direct control of picking subsystems such as smart carts, Voice, pick-to-light, put walls, mobile robots and more to reduce hardware costs as much as 70% and optimize the full slotting, picking and replenishment cycle, delivering double digit productivity gains. Perfect for any company doing significant piece picking operations, especially for ecommerce.

A Focus on Integration

Integration to ERP, other host systems, material handling equipment, sometimes suppliers or customers and more is generally at the heart of every WMS project.

Softeon has the tools and an approach that takes what is a major challenge for most software companies and make it easy for Softeon and our customers. Tools include an integration configuration application, a simulation system to test integration with material handling systems well before go-live, and our powerful Integration Cockpit to manage all integrations in real time.

Let’s discuss today how Softeon extended WMS can help drive success and ROI in your distribution operations today.

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Softeon Warehouse Management System

Softeon Warehouse Management System:  Advanced Technology for the Modern Warehouse

Softeon modular solutions move the supply chain forward

Softeon’s modular approach to its suite of supply chain planning and execution solutions and strong technical foundation allows you to easily integrate and operate other supply chain management solutions with WMS. Whether you choose a stand-alone system like Softeon’s robust WMS or start with another Softeon solution or any other industry solution, Softeon has you covered with the ability to add modules at any time.

Discover how Softeon WMS delivers the true the Softeon Advantage for higher levels of productivity, reduced operational costs and improved customer service.

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Gartner ranks Softeon second in WMS Level 2/3 Warehouse Operations, Level 4 Warehouse Operation, and Level 5 Warehouse Operation use cases.

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