OFS Integrates and Optimizes a Variety of Picking Technologies, including Voice, Smart Carts, Pick-to-Light, Put Walls, Mobile Robots and More Under a Single Platform


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RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Softeon, a global supply chain software provider with the industry’s best record of customer success, announced today it will be conducting live demonstrations of its powerful and innovative Order Fulfillment System (OFS) at the ProMat 2019 trade show in Chicago, April 8-11.

Softeon will conduct formal demonstrations of its OFS at the top of each hour in its “Warehouse of the Future” booth area and on an ad hoc basis for the rest of the show.

Attendees will see the execution of several operational scenarios, combining multiple technologies including mobile robots, demonstrating the powerful and flexible capabilities from the real-time control and optimization Softeon’s OFS delivers to piece and case picking operations.

The Order Fulfillment System is available as a part of Softeon’s Advanced WMS, or as a standalone shipping system – there is nothing else like it in the industry.

Softeon’s OFS eliminates the costs and challenges of traditional approaches to such picking sub-systems, where the WMS throws orders “over the wall” for picking execution. This leads to operational silos, an inability to optimize the full picking, slotting and replenishment process, high hardware costs, difficulty handling exceptions, and more.

All those issues are eliminated with Softeon OFS, which offers a single platform to manage and optimize any, or all, of these technologies.

Benefits of the Softeon OFS include:

  • Optimized picking performance, with optimization tied to each specific picking technology
  • Rapid implementation of new technologies 
  • No interfaces to maintain 
  • Ability to test new technologies before full commitment
  • Robust exception handling
  • Much lower cost in hardware 
  • Mixing of mobile robotics vendors
  • Ability to scale technology support based on volumes

“With Softeon OFS, you get peak picking performance, and the ability to quickly and easily add new technologies as needs and circumstances dictate,” said Dan Gilmore, chief marketing officer at Softeon. “With the Softeon OFS, you are ‘Future Proofing’ your supply chain to achieve continuous improvement.”

The live OFS demos will be held at Softeon’s at ProMat booth S2055. Press appointments can be made by contacting Stacey Garrison at sgarrison@softeon.com.

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