New Levels of DC Visibility, Planning, and Optimization, plus Automated Order Release and Resource Allocation


RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Softeon, a global supply chain software provider with the industry’s best record of customer success, announced today it will be launching its new Warehouse Execution System (WES) capabilities at the ProMat 2019 trade show in Chicago, April 8-11.

As a result, Softeon will be the first in the industry to combine advanced WES and WMS solutions in one integrated offering, providing customers new levels of productivity and agility.

WES is a new product category that addresses operational issues relative to automation utilization, resource management, and task optimization that were not well supported by Warehouse Management Systems previously.

As a contrasting standout, Softeon has offered WES capabilities as part of its WMS solution for many years and has now built on those capabilities to deliver an even more robust WES tool set. This provides substantial improvements in DC performance for both automated and non-automated DCs.

Softeon’s WES capabilities include:

  • Strategic simulation tools to enable customers to performance test a WMS before go-live and to do “what-if” analysis to analyze gains from potential process or configuration changes before and after deployment
  • Tactical simulation tools to analyze resource requirements and potential throughput issues at the start of a day or shift
  • Automated order planning and release based on picking efficiencies and shipping times/customer service requirements, including full waveless picking
  • Management of order flow to minimize dwell times and keep materials handling equipment highly utilized
  • Real-time visibility to throughput and bottlenecks by individual processing of each area of the DC
  • The ability to plan human and equipment resource allocation based on actual and projected demand and to automatically re-allocate those resources as conditions change in the DC

Benefits of the new WES capabilities include:

  • Higher throughput
  • Less manual decision-making by managers/supervisors
  • Significantly improved product flow
  • Improved equipment utilization
  • Improved customer service metrics
  • Reduced risk for new WMS deployments or post-deployment process or technology changes

“Combined with the sophisticated capabilities of Softeon’s WMS, this new WES functionality – available with the WMS or as a standalone – provides a truly breakthrough solution,” says Dan Gilmore, chief marketing officer at Softeon.

Softeon will feature the new WES capabilities at ProMat booth S2055. Press appointments can be made by contacting Stacey Garrison at

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