Beverage supply chain logistics can be unpredictable. Limited shelf lives, allocation, picking, packing, and shipping combine to make the high-volume, transaction-intensive industry a tricky one to manage. To top it off, the steady stream of mergers and acquisitions in the beverage industy can make unifying systems and getting a complete end-to-end view nearly impossible. Softeon software gives you that view, empowering you to uncover operational efficiencies in your supply chain – from the warehouse to direct delivery. In short, Softeon lowers costs, speeds up delivery times, and reduces wasted inventory.

Softeon increases operational efficiency for the beverage industry by offering a complete supply chain solution in four distinct modules, which can be used separately or easily combined for end-to-end tracking. The Softeon Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) gives you a real-time view into your warehouse’s inventory and distribution processes. A 100% web-based platform, Softeon WMS is an easy-to-use interface, which makes initial installation and ongoing support a breeze. With advanced task management and productivity tracking, you’ll be able to spot issues before they become problems in order to maximize productivity. The Softeon Route Accounting Solutions (RAS) connects financial data to your warehouse operations, allowing you to see how warehouse decisions impact your bottom line. With inventory management, financial accounting, and route reconciliation, the RAS Dashboard gives members of your team real-time insights to act upon.

Once the beverage items are ready to leave the warehouse, Softeon’s Transportation Management System (TMS) ensures your product takes the optimal route to reduce costs and improve speed. Automatic load consolidation, rules-based freight invoice auditing, and a host of other features make Softeon TMS your secret weapon to streamlining your transportation operations. Lastly, Softeon’s Direct Store Delivery (DSD) module empowers drivers to invoice, capture signatures, and process future orders, all from their mobile device. With Softeon DSD, reduced errors and faster transaction times mean cost savings to you. Alone, each module can improve your beverage operations processes; combined, the four modules will transform the way you do business.

Managing the complex beverage supply chain requires a great deal of effort, time, and resources. Quick shifts in demand and the fragile nature of many products can make your system a difficult one to monitor. Softeon next-generation supply chain management solutions allow distributors to stay ahead of changes in business processes and systems, and increase sales volumes and revenues. Plus, our modular approach and strong technical foundation allow you to select one or several solutions and integrate with your existing platforms.

Whether you choose a stand-alone system like Softeon’s robust WMS or migrate to our four end-to-end modules, Softeon has you covered. Discover how Softeon delivers true advantage for higher levels of productivity, reduced operational costs and improved customer service.   

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