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Softeon Distributed Order Management System | DOMS

Intelligent hub for order sourcing, routing and fulfillment

Superior customer fulfillment with Softeon Distributed Order Management

Distributed Order Management (DOM) systems have become critical to supply chain execution, notably in omnichannel fulfillment but in many additional applications as well.

DOM can be used to automate, optimize and orchestrate order fulfillment processes, based on granular visibility to orders, inventory, service requirements, costs and constraints. 

Softeon provides a feature-rich DOM solutions that supports a number of use cases, both within omnichannel and beyond.

In omnichannel fulfillment, for example, companies use Softeon DOM to enable new processes (such as order on-line, pick-up in store, or support for new consumer “points of interaction”) without changing existing systems. It is also used to determine optimal order sourcing across the network based on advanced rules for how to run the business.

But Softeon’s DOM solution provides a solution for many other scenarios, including centralized “order hub” functionality for manufacturers and wholesalers, managing client process requirements for 3PLs, optimizing the inbound flow of goods, and much more.

DOM delivers significant value for many companies on its own, but increasingly we see requirements for an integrated DOM-WMS solutions. Softeon is a market leader in joint DOM-WMS deployment.

Example Softeon customer DOM applications:

  • Duluth Trading Co. has successfully implemented Softeon DOM (and WMS) to drive fulfillment excellence as it moved from on-line only to a network of dozens of physical stores that also do order fulfillment. Softeon’s solution also manages the store-fulfillment process and returns.
  • Sears Home Services uses Softeon DOM and WMS to manage repairs parts inventory and fulfillment in a four-echelon network – from master DCs to a technician’s van – as well as reverse logistics to optimize the process of returning parts for restocking, scrapping, or repair.
  • A leading consumer goods company is using Softeon DOM and traditional order management solution for a true enterprise order management, including extensive use of drop shipping from hundreds of vendors.
  • Sony DADC – a 3PL for the entertainment media sector (DVDs, CDs, etc.) – uses Softeon DOM to manage complex customer requirements, reducing on-boarding time from many months previously to now just a matter of a few days.
  • A leading on-line pharmacy is implementing Softeon DOM and WMS to deliver granular, real-time visibility to inventory across a complex network, including in-transit inventories. This will enable a much more responsive fulfillment model.

Benefit from Softeon’s DOM Solution:

  • Automate many existing manual processes
  • Enable new omnichannel processes without changing existing systems
  • Achieve granular real-time visibility across an extended network
  • Increased on-time and complete deliveries
  • Minimize order fulfillment costs and reduce end-to-end cycle times
  • Reduce inventory levels

Softeon Distributed Order Management

Softeon Distributed Order Management (DOM) is an intelligent hub that orchestrates orders between vendors, suppliers and customers at a high level and evaluates fulfillment options to determine an optimal fulfillment strategy.




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