Distributed Order Management (DOM)

Enhance your order fulfillment capabilities with Softeon's Distributed Order Management System (DOM). In today's dynamic supply chain landscape, DOM systems have proven critical for achieving efficient order fulfillment across various applications, channels and industry sectors.

Softeon's DOM enables you to automate and optimize order fulfillment processes while working seamlessly with your existing systems. Acting as a centralized "Order Hub," it accommodates both B2C and B2B ecosystems, integrating your entire supply chain for smoother operations.

Softeon's DOM also offers real-time visibility into inventory and orders across your network, streamlining inventory allocation and reservation rules. It simplifies complex channel and customer order management, from handling backorders to managing subscriptions and new product introductions—all while prioritizing profitability and customer service commitments. Softeon's DOM is a powerful solution for elevating your order fulfillment capabilities.


The Little Book of Distributed Order Management

Distributed Order Management (DOM) has emerged as an essential technology to support Omnichannel commerce

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Key Benefits of Distributed Order Management

OM systems are used to automate, optimize, and orchestrate order fulfillment processes, based on granular...

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Distributed Order Management Software in Action

Example of Softeon's customer DOM solutions include: 

Sears Home Services uses Softeon DOMS and WMS to manage repairs parts inventory and fulfillment in a multi-echelon network – from master DCs to an individual technician’s van – as well as reverse logistics to optimize the process of returning parts for restocking, scrapping, or repair.

A leading consumer goods company is using Softeon DOM solutions and traditional order management for a true Enterprise Order Management system, including extensive use of drop shipping from hundreds of vendors.

Sony DADC – a 3PL system for the entertainment media sector (DVDs, games, etc.) – uses Softeon DOM system to manage complex customer requirements, reducing on-boarding time from many months previously to now just a matter of a few days.

A leading on-line pharmacy is implementing Softeon DOM and WMS to deliver granular, real-time visibility to inventory across a complex network, including in-transit inventories. This is used to selec the optimal sourcing facility considering automation constrains, regulatory factors, a dynamic weighted calculation of multiple sourcing factors and more.