Although Warehouse Management Systems were Late to the Cloud Party, Adoption is Now High – Know Your Options

By Dinesh Dongre, Softeon

For a variety of reasons, the Warehouse Management System (WMS) sector were late to the party in terms of Cloud deployment versus other areas of supply chain software.

Those factors include some major players being slow to embrace the Cloud, and concerns about time sensitive response requirements in areas such as wireless communications and materials handling systems.

But all that is changing rapidly. Concerns about response times have largely faded away, even in complex distribution operations, and if needed local “agents” can be deployed address any latency concerns.

Softeon is seeing about 65% of new WMS implementations being Cloud-based, with that number continuing to head higher, though there are likely to be some “on-premise” deployments for some time. More…

Source: SupplyChain Digest

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