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Reston, VA, (March 09, 2017)

Softeon, a global supply chain software provider with the industry’s best record of customer success, continued to add new capabilities to its Distributed Order Management (DOM) solution, the most functional in the industry, as it helps retailers, 3PLs, and distribution companies connect supply chain planning and execution.

Distributed Order Management is most known for the ability to select the optimal sourcing locations for customer orders, based on such factors as inventory availability, target inventory levels, customer service commitments, shipping costs, order picking, fulfillment costs, labor capacity, and more.

Softeon’s DOM solution provides sophisticated capabilities for this type of order sourcing optimization, based on a powerful rules engine that enables companies to precisely tailor their business policies for order fulfillment. Softeon’s DOM also enables companies to quickly bring on-line new Points of Interaction (POIs), Points of Fulfillment (POFs), and Points of Return (PORs) without changes to existing software systems, greatly accelerating their speed to market and reducing costs to support omnichannel strategies.

Softeon’s DOM solution also provides detailed, real-time visibility to inventory, enabling improved decision-making and the automation of many supply chain processes. These benefits have existed in the Softeon DOM solution since it was first developed, yet as a truly forward-thinking partner, Softeon continually evolves the technology in response to growing market needs and is extending its DOM solution in new and unique directions.

For example, the Softeon DOM provides automated inventory balancing capabilities across the network, factoring in current inventory levels, in-transit inventory, forecasts, inventory targets, and promotions to route inbound goods from suppliers to multiple stocking points. Those stocking points could be company distribution centers, retail stores used as fulfillment points, third-party DCs, specialized ecommerce DCs or numerous other destinations.

The Softeon DOM can also automatically generate inventory transfers, subject to business tools, to also rebalance network inventory levels on a near continuous basis.

Additionally, because Softeon’s entire solution suite is built on a highly flexible Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Softeon can easily connect components of functionality from its broad portfolio of supply chain software solutions to extend DOM functionality as needed to satisfy any specific scenario.

This is a unique capability in the market. Examples of these DOM extensions using existing functional components are parcel/LTL rating and routing, inventory location capabilities, and replenishment logic – all of which can easily be added to the core DOM solution.

A well-known U.S. retail leader has integrated Softeon’s DOM and Warehouse Management System (WMS) to power its omnichannel strategy across a growing network of company-owned and third-party DCs, combined with ecommerce order sourcing from stores. This includes not only support for traditional fulfillment optimization but also optimization of the inbound flow of inventory using the balancing capabilities uniquely provided by Softeon in a DOM solution.

Another rapidly growing consumer goods manufacturer is using the Softeon DOM for order fulfillment optimization, as well as a crucial drop shipping program across hundreds of its vendors. Under this program, ecommerce orders received by the manufacturer’s retail customers are often sent directly to the appropriate vendor for direct fulfillment to the end consumer.

The Softeon DOM not only manages that drop ship program, it provides end-to-end visibility on order status to both the manufacturer and the retailers. It also ensures compliance with manufacturer and retail regulations relative to drop shipment execution.

“Distributed Order Management is fast becoming the hub for integrated planning and execution, not only for Omnichannel commerce but for order management and fulfillment processes optimization in many industry sectors,” says Dinesh Dongre, VP of Product Strategy at Softeon. “We continue to enhance our DOM and integrated WMS solution in ways that provide differentiated capabilities for our customers.”

Attendees will be able to experience these solution capabilities first-hand at the upcoming ProMat 2017 Show in Chicago, April 3-6th. Softeon will be hosting live demos, Q+As and more in Booth #4583.

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