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Reston, VA (March 28, 2018) 

Softeon, a global supply chain software provider with the industry’s best record of customer success, will be demonstrating its breakthrough order picking and fulfillment system at MHI’s MODEX show, April 9-12, 2018 in Atlanta.

With the growth in “eaches” (or broken case picking in many distribution operations as a result of e-commerce) and other factors driving changes to order profiles, companies are turning to a variety of technologies to reduce picking costs, including Voice, smart pick carts, put walls, pick-to-light and more, with growing interest in mobile robots to support order picking as well. 

But in nearly all cases, those sub-systems come with their own control software, which brings a number of disadvantages, including: making commodity hardware expensive propriety and expensive systems; requiring integration upfront and over time between those control systems and the WMS; and providing limited ability to fully optimize the complete picking process, including slotting, replenishment, real-time decision-making and exception handling. The Softeon WMS eliminates all of these problems by directly managing all subsystems, in any combination. This eliminates the need for the third-party control software and interfaces. As a result, commodity hardware can be used, with savings of up to 70%.

The cost and complexity of system deployments are also reduced substantially, as there is no need for a WMS and sub-system integration. But most importantly, double-digit gains in productivity can be achieved by having one system – the Softeon WMS – optimizing the entire process, delivering levels of productivity that simply cannot be achieved by a WMS “throwing picks over the wall” for execution by these subsystems operating in silos, as is normally the case today.

At MODEX, Softeon will have live demonstrations of these market-changing capabilities, including an innovative approach to the use of mobile robots, in the company’s special in-booth “DC of the Future” display area.

“We are confident there will be nothing like it at the MODEX show, and the demonstration will give attendees a clear picture of the benefits these capabilities will deliver,” said Dinesh Dongre, vice president of product strategy at Softeon. “You will want to come and take a look.”  

Softeon’s “DC of the Future” and details on its powerful WMS, Distributed Order Management, and the rest of its powerful supply chain suite will be on display at Booth B2415. Softeon executives will also be presenting on “Taking WMS to the Next Level with DC Process Automation” at 10:30 Monday morning (April 9) in Theatre I at the Modex Show in the Georgia World Congress Center.

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Softeon is a global provider of supply chain solutions from planning through execution. Our modern platform is engineered to reduce complex problems into simple solutions for a faster time to market and lower cost of ownership. Users can implement solutions incrementally to solve a specific challenge or deploy an integrated system. Configurable modules and rules-based solutions give market leaders the business agility they need to get ahead and stay ahead. Companies choose the flexibility and ease-of-use of the Softeon platform to drive higher business value and accelerate ROI. Deployment options include on-premise or in the cloud. For more information, please visit

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