FREMONT, CA— Logistics Tech Outlook announced Softeon, a global provider of innovative supply chain solutions, as one of the 2016’s Top 3PL Technology solution provider in the latest edition.

A distinguished panel of experts, professionals, and technology leaders including board members of Logistics Tech Outlook has decided and included Softeon in the list of “Top 10 3PL Technology Solution Providers 2016.”

“We take pride in ourselves to honor Softeon for earning a spot in our ranking list which features elite group of companies that is setting new benchmark in Logistics industry,” said Linda James, Managing Editor of Logistics Tech Outlook. “Softeon provides a platform that empowers each client with the business agility they need to get ahead and stay ahead.”

Softeon’s web-based solutions create end-to-end supply chain visibility and support partner collaboration with vendors, carriers and customers. It is combined with powerful end-to-end supply chain execution capabilities with advanced functionality across order management, distribution and transportation processes improve 3PL operations for virtually any customer segment.

About Softeon

Softeon is headquartered in the Washington DC metro area in Reston, Virginia. This company’s global footprint includes offices in Europe, Latin America and India with an infrastructure that is amply staffed to provide support 24×7 in all parts of the world. It provides solutions for warehouse management, distribution and billing must handle complex supply chain processes across multiple vertical industries. For more info, visit:

Logistics Tech Outlook is a Technology magazine published from Fremont, California. It acts as an excellent platform for enterprises to showcase their innovative solutions that are setting new foot prints in the logistics industry. This magazine insight about the latest trending technologies that helps organizations to overcome the challenges faced in their business and remain competitive in market place. For more info, visit:

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