Whether inside the four walls or between locations, the pharma supply chain is becoming increasingly complicated. The reasons range from new Federal regulations to increasing demand for delivering more drugs faster than ever before. This is a game changer.

Talk to the people in the know about trends in pharma these days, and it becomes clear pretty quickly that things are in flux. And we’re not talking a tweak here, a tweak there, either.

These shifts include:

  • The spiraling expiration of patents and the rise of generics,
  • The ascendancy of drugs that require precise cold chain control, and
  • Federal regulations requiring iron-clad track and trace of drugs at the unit level.

Each is a disruptor of the pharma supply chain in its own rite. Taken together, they challenge the industry mightily, and it’s not always possible to take on all challenges at the same time.

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Source:  Gary Forger, Modern Materials Handling Magazine

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