Growing businesses need a scalable warehouse management system that adapts to evolving customer demands. But choosing the right partner can be critical to the success of a project.

That was the case for Sony DADC Americas in its search for a cloud-based WMS to transform its supply chain. Executives needed a partner that was both flexible and agile to handle the often unpredictable transformation journey.

As a nine-year customer, Sony DADC was familiar with Softeon’s diverse and fully integrated portfolio of supply chain management solutions, and its ability to efficiently deliver those solutions.

“As a CIO I work with a lot of vendors,” said John Postik, VP/CIO, Sony DADC Americas. “One of the things I look for the most is that partnership. You need a partner that’s willing to take that road with you. Softeon has been an extraordinary partner.”

Sony DADC is a leading disc and digital solution provider for the entertainment, education and information industries, offering world-class optical media replication services, digital and physical supply chain solutions and software services. Its business is global, complex, and ever-changing.

The subsidiary of Sony Corporation Tokyo chose Softeon’s WMS Cloud, a best-of-breed solution for stand-alone or multiple warehouse environments that use standard warehouse processes. WMS Cloud is built on a web-based, service-oriented architecture, which allows for efficient integration with other supply chain solutions. It’s a cost-effective solution with easy deployment, and economical IT support and upgrades.

“Working with Softeon Enterprise applications, we have achieved superior results and return on investment (ROI),” Postik said.

Softeon also has extensive inside knowledge of the entertainment industry so it better understands Sony DADC’s need for faster onboarding of clients, new capabilities and nimbleness in a fast-paced environment.

These efficiencies have benefited Sony DADC through improved order fulfillment and customer service satisfaction rates, in addition to opening the door to new business opportunities.

“With Softeon’s iterative development methodology and approach, business partner on-boarding and integration was reduced from nine to three months, without compromising the quality of our solution,” said Harald Absmann, VP/CIO Sony DADC International. “System implementations were non-invasive to our customers, due to the flexibility and adaptability of the architecture deployed.”

Learn more about Softeon’s partnership with Sony and how Softeon’s WMS Cloud can transform your supply chain.

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