Business Overview

  • Denso Manufacturing Tennessee is their largest operation in North America and a leading supplier of automotive technology, systems, and components
  • Established in 1988, the Maryville company features four manufacturing plants that produce starters, alternators, instrument clusters, electronics (including engine, safety, and device products), and body electronics (focus on remote keyless entry, auto air conditioning control units, tire pressure monitoring systems, and body control modules)
  • In addition to their dedication to innovative, leading technology, Denso is also highly committed to providing safe and secure products for their customers
  • Denso is extremely eco-friendly and strives to not only protect people, but the environment as well

Business Objectives

  • Needed to increase visibility of inventory movement, raw materials, and parts
  • Warehouse space was decreasing due to growth, so they looked to increase space and improve utilization
  • Looked to reduce manpower with the new system, as they previously did their slotting and inventory movement manually