Cycle Logistics Quadruples Largest Account Revenue with Softeon

Third-Party Logistics
Itasca, Illinois
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Cycle Logistics is a third-party logistics provider that was established in 1991 and is headquartered in Itasca, Illinois. Itasca is in the bustling Chicagoland area near the O’Hare International Airport. The company provides high-level warehousing and transportation services. Cycle specializes in distribution, fulfillment and bundling services for clients.

In 2017, Cycle Logistics won a massive new client that had a fulfillment need that was unique in the market. The new client was a Mountain View-based global internet search and technology company. This client needed fulfillment and bundling services to aid in their retail distribution process, requiring Cycle Logistics to manage large volumes of inventory and data with end-to-end visibility.


Cycle Logistics relied on a manual process to track inventory and data, making it a cumbersome process prone to errors. Their cutting edge new client needed visibility into every shipment, tracking every product from manufacturing all of the way to the end user. Another request required the Cycle team to provide new serial numbers for bundled products and then transfer the inventory data to the client, necessitating a more streamlined and data-clean approach. Cycle was able to gather the data but a big portion of that was conducted manually through an internal, labor-intensive process. Cycle Logistics realized the need for a robust Warehouse Management System (WMS) to address these issues.


After evaluating several WMS providers, Cycle Logistics chose Softeon for its flexibility, sophisticated capabilities, and their responsiveness to unique requests. Unlike other rigid WMS solutions, Softeon demonstrated a deep understanding of Cycle’s client requirements and a willingness to tailor solutions accordingly. The transition significantly streamlined operations, eliminated manual data entry, and provided real-time inventory visibility, meeting the client’s demands for accuracy and efficiency. The partnership with Softeon brought about transformative changes, streamlining processes, and facilitating remarkable growth opportunities.


Quadrupled revenue: With Softeon’s WMS solution in place, Cycle Logistics quadrupled its revenue from additional growth opportunities with their client. In addition to this increased account revenue, Cycle Logistics increased overall company revenue by 20% through the addition of Softeon’s WMS within its operations. 
Improved inventory integrity: Softeon’s WMS ensured a 100% inventory integrity by providing process discipline and acting as a gatekeeper in gathering only accurate inventory information. This prevents the overselling of products for the leading search and smart home innovator in the world.
Time savings: Softeon’s automated processes saved Cycle Logistics significant time previously spent on manual data entry and communication with their client.
Enhanced customer relationships: Softeon’s responsiveness and ability to meet the unique request of Cycle’s client only strengthened the relationship for Cycle Logistics and their largest client, leading to additional business opportunities. Cycle’s client even learned more on internal tracking inventory processes from Softeon.


After three years, Cycle Logistics continues to rely on Softeon for its WMS needs, confident in the partnership’s ability to support ongoing growth and meet evolving client demands. The collaboration between Cycle Logistics and Softeon has proven instrumental in overcoming challenges, driving revenue growth, and fostering strong customer relationships. By leveraging Softeon’s WMS solution, Cycle Logistics has positioned itself for continued success in the competitive fulfillment and bundling services landscape.


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