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Client Overview

Vantiva Supply Chain Solutions (SCS), part of Vantiva SA formerly known as Technicolor, is a global supply chain leader, bringing clients expertise in solving complex, end-to-end logistics challenges. With over 10,000 employees, Vantiva SCS provides a full suite of supply chain and 3PL solutions for business-to-business (B2B) and direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels. Vantiva SCS helps manufacturing and product packaging e-commerce clients meet consumer demand with D2C fulfillment warehousing services, including inventory management, picking, packing, and distribution solutions. 


The e-commerce market saw unprecedented times in the last few years. Online retailers saw a large increase in online orders, and so did warehouses that held that inventory. With the rise of online shopping, Vantiva SCS faced challenges with its legacy systems, originally built to accommodate fewer high volume orders instead of smaller, individual high value orders as often seen with e-commerce. The legacy systems were not well-suited for the new demands of D2C orders, requiring a different set of tools and processes. Vantiva SCS realized the need for a more flexible, customizable, scalable, and efficient Warehouse Management System (WMS) to accommodate the evolving needs of their clients. The company sought to enhance its operational efficiency, expand integration capabilities, real-time visibility insights, and improve inventory accuracy. 


To tackle these challenges, Vantiva SCS turned to Softeon, a leading provider of WMS, Warehouse Execution System (WES), and Distributed Order Management System (DOM) solutions. Softeon provides Vantiva SCS flexibility to seamlessly integrate with existing systems, capabilities to cater to specific customer requirements as they arise, end-to-end visibility, and 24/7 customer support. 

The initial phase of the partnership saw the integration of Softeon’s tier-1 WMS with an implementation period of just three months. Initially, Vantiva SCS implemented Softeon’s WMS in one of their United States locations. The company noticed immediate improvements. In just a few months, due to the success of this partnership, Vantiva SCS expanded Softeon’s WMS to multiple locations in the U.S. Softeon’s WMS flexibility allowed Vantiva SCS to efficiently integrate new customers with ease. The company followed shortly after with the introduction of Softeon’s DOM solution and billing management system (BMS). The collaboration with Softeon proved to be scalable and adaptable to the growth strategy of Vantiva SCS in this modern retail era.


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Efficiency and Automation: Softeon facilitated automation in various aspects, from automated sorting, to picking and packaging processes. This automation significantly reduced workflow times and increased operational efficiency. With the help of Softeon’s robust warehouse solutions, Vantiva SCS also introduced a fully automated distribution center with robotics for efficient picking and packing, streamlining floor operations and significantly improving order fulfillment times. 
Real-time Visibility: Softeon provided end-to-end visibility, allowing Vantiva SCS and its customers to track orders in real-time, eliminating the need for manual updates and reducing check calls. In addition, Vantiva SCS customers also gain access to real-time data insights, allowing them to make informed business decisions that optimize warehouse operations. 
Inventory Accuracy: Softeon’s WMS and DOM tools inventory accuracy, especially crucial in the e-commerce world where smaller order quantities needed precise tracking for fast deliveries.
Reduced Communication Overhead: The WMS portal enabled customers to self-serve, reducing the need for communication regarding order status. This resulted in improved customer satisfaction after the reduced quantity of calls and emails. Vantiva SCS also benefits from a direct point of contact since the partnership’s inception. The dedicated account manager within Softeon allowed for the elimination of roadblocks during the implementation stage and continues until present day for any support needed. 
Billing Accuracy: Softeon’s BMS improved billing accuracy and simplified the company’s financial processes, a direct improvement to the company’s bottom line. 
Adaptability to Industry Changes: Softeon’s ability to quickly adapt to changes, such as the introduction of new WMS tools, provided Vantiva SCS with the confidence to explore innovative solutions and stay competitive in the market.
Scalability and Growth: Softeon’s scalability allowed Vantiva SCS to seamlessly expand its technological operations to new locations and accommodate a continuous growing number of customers. With Softeon’s partnership, the company cut costs by purchasing off-the-shelf software instead of investing in building in-house, costly infrastructure. 

Future Growth

Vantiva SCS plans to continue expanding Softeon’s warehouse solutions in more locations, notably their international warehouses. The company aims to leverage Softeon’s upcoming tools, allowing more power in the hands of users, further accelerating warehouse floor operations and enhancing customization capabilities.

Vantiva successful integration of Softeon demonstrates the importance of choosing an experienced and flexible WMS provider in the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape. The partnership with Softeon not only addressed immediate challenges but also positioned Vantiva SCS for continued growth and innovation in the dynamic supply chain and e-commerce fulfillment market. 


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