They say that entrepreneurship is the backbone of the American economy. That’s fair, but supply chain management is what makes entrepreneurship possible. Without impressive logistical operators keeping goods flowing, businesses (new or old) can’t function. If you want to store or move goods, you need expertise. Thankfully, the same systems powering companies like UPS and Sony are available to everyone. Softeon offers the very resources that power the biggest supply chains in the world to every client, and this is how they make it work.

A Three-Tiered Approach

Supply chain management can be summarized by a trio of key focuses: (WMS) warehouse management systems, billing management and distributed order management. These solutions are the essence of a supply chain. Softeon handles all three tiers with one integrated platform. Rather than treating each leg of the chain as an individual component, the three-tiered approach focuses on unifying management efforts to promote a seamless and more robust operation. This is the key to eliminating bottlenecks and common errors that can bring supply systems to a standstill and breakdown otherwise promising business models.


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

It’s easy to present a unified concept of all three parts of a supply chain, but it’s not easy to implement and get working in the real-world successfully. The key to success is service oriented architecture. This is the backbone of Softeon’s third party logistics (3PL) services. While it streamlines management across systems, it is also configurable on an individual level. Basically, this single architecture can be customized for any operation while still providing logistical continuity throughout the process. When warehousing, billing and delivery are all on an integrated, single-platform architecture that pristinely accommodates the minutia of each element, you get a supply chain with minimal room for error.

If a business can outsource IT, HR and other key offices, why shouldn’t they also outsource logistics? Expertise is essential to maintaining supply and delivery, so take advantage of having access to the best. Learn a little more about Softeon and see if they can put that confidence and efficiency into your supply chain.

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