Supply Chain Management in the Cloud

Today’s supply chains are far reaching networks and here’s how the “cloud” fits into the picture.

The Supply Chain Landscape

Supply chain management has evolved into a complex global network that links suppliers, manufacturers, logistics service providers, freight operators and ultimately, customers. From demand planning and procurement to warehousing and delivery, orchestrating processes and synchronizing supply chain management (SCM) activities is more complex than ever. SCM demands innovative approaches to secure a competitive bottom line.

The Technology Landscape

The fast evolution of technology brings opportunities to leverage technologies that drive business value. At the same time, the cost of technology requires businesses to be more discerning about their technological investments and subsequent return on such investments. A big component of technology investments is the infrastructure required to host these solutions and make them readily accessible.


The “cloud” paradigm for providing access to technology solutions is a much-touted delivery method today – with genuine merits as well as constraints, real and perceived. Otherwise known as the delivery of software as a service (SAAS) or on-demand software, cloud solutions do not typically require significant investment such as for the purchase of the software license, network bandwidth, IT staff or other support overhead.

Particularly for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), the global nature of SCM and ongoing technology advances support the use of SCM solutions on the cloud.

Softeon Cloud Lowers Risk of WMS Investment

Softeon, a leading provider of supply chain management solutions, has developed a SCM product offering on the cloud geared toward SMBs. Our guiding principle in developing the solution is to address the core needs of a WMS solution in the cloud offering low initial investment, quick time to market and reduced support overhead. In addition to these benefits, Softeon WMS Cloud on the cloud delivers:

  • Simplicity and ease of use: supports all standard warehouse processes in an easy-to-use intuitive interface
  • Optimized for the SMB market with features such as built-in option for RF and manual operations support simultaneously
  • Sustained and improved agility in responding to your own customer’s business needs
  • Ongoing solution enhancements and upgrades: Softeon takes responsibility for upgrades and routine maintenance
  • Grows with you:- Scalable from simpler to more complex environments with genuine support for a multi-warehouse strategy- Well-defined and seamless migration path from Softeon WMS Cloud to Softeon WMS Enterprise reduces total cost of ownership
  • Data privacy: secure access to keep your data secure and those of your vendors and customers.

Discover the Softeon Advantage with WMS on the Cloud.

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