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Tuesday - 2:15pm  I  Theatre B

Get the info on the latest innovations in WMS - because we know that WMS still has room to grow and we continue to invest the resources into offering the best education possible on solutions that will help to elevate your operations and exceed customer expectations.

Key Takeaways:

· The array of new age, extended WMS capabilities that change the dynamic of WMS selection and deployment
· How leading WMS providers are bringing more fully auto process capabilities to WMS configuration and execution
· New ways of thinking about mobile robots in the DC

DEMOS EVERY HOUR of the advanced Softeon WMS including our order fulfillment capabilities that optimize RF, Voice, put walls, pick-to-light, smart carts, mobile robots and more. First demo each day @ 10:30 AM, last demo @ 4:30 PM (M-W) and 2:30 PM (Thurs).


Featuring live integration with Fetch Robotics - finalist in the MHI Innovation Awards.


A freebie that you'll actually want to keep (and not trash, toss in a junk drawer, or give to your kids).


Copies of our "Little Book of Distributed Order Management" and "Little Book of Warehouse Management Systems" will be available at our booth while supplies last!





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