Leading home appliance retailer in North America with more than 2,400 stores.

Business Overview

  • Leading home appliance retailer in North America with more than 2,400 stores in United States and Canada
  • Largest U.S. product repair service provider
  • Relationships with more than 43 million households with over 13 million service calls annually
  • Manages over 10,000 service technicians
  • Repairs 2 million carry-in products per year

Business Objectives

  • Minimize growing service supports costs
  • Adapt to dynamic variation in repair product flow
  • Track & trace visibility to minimize error rates and associated re-work
  • Improve customer service levels and standardize processes
  • Improve accuracy of part inventory and visibility of all repair parts



  • Softeon Service Repair Solution included a blend of functions from WMS with integration of service order management and asset tracking modules for real-time event-driven state transition workflows to manage the product repair cycle
  • End-to-end visibility of repairs from inception to customer pickup
  • Reduced repair cycle time, reduced overall service cost and improved cost collection process
  • Improved customer service by providing forward visibility of repair and parts availability
  • Real-time visibility of repair process
  • Improved overall process productivity and accuracy
  • Improved information accuracy throughout the supply chain