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    Softeon Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

    Softeon Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) enables all stakeholders in the supply chain to see into their networks and perform better demand forecasting and inventory planning in true collaborative fashion with vendors.

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    Softeon Freight Audit & Payment

    Softeon Freight Audit & Payment (FAP) system is a solution that can reduce total freight spend and/or eliminate the need for expensive third-party freight audit firms.

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    Softeon Order Management System Software

    Softeon Order Management Software manages every stage of the order process, including order entry, pricing and promotion, credit processing, shipment invoicing and audits.

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    Softeon Reverse Logistics Software

    Softeon Reverse Logistics System identifies the items requiring returns in the network and tracks the shipment through the returns process, while generating the necessary paperwork.

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    Softeon Route Accounting Software

    Softeon’s accounting software systems are built around the entire delivery process — order, delivery and accounting — and continues to evolve, setting the standard for the beverage industry with more advanced features, mobile tools, business…

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    Softeon Resource Management

    Softeon Resource Management provides powerful tools to plan the need for labor resources based on actual work, determine which orders can be released and where labor is needed, and monitor pending overtime conditions.

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    Softeon Transportation Management System

    Softeon transportation management system allows logistics managers to see the big picture of carrier management with real-time visibility of transportation data to reduce transportation costs and optimize transportation planning.

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    Softeon Assembly & Kitting

    Softeon Assembly & Kitting is an advanced solution for bill of materials and work order management enabling the planning and execution of a wide range of value-added services in the distribution center.

  • Softeon Beverage WMS

    Softeon Beverage WMS

    Softeon’s Beverage WMS uses a highly scalable, modern architecture with proven ability to process high volumes of orders across complex operations.

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    Softeon Beverage Tools

    Softeon’s Beverage Tools extend your WMS or RAS to enable operations, optimize planning and enhance reporting.

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