Orchestrating Fulfillment Success @ NRF Retail's BIG Show 2022

Orchestrating Fulfillment Success l NRF Retail's BIG Show 2022

Today’s demanding marketplace, driven by efulfillment, direct to consumer strategies and more requires highly effective, tailored, and flexible solutions that meet demand and service commitments in B2C and B2B environments.

In fact, companies require powerful and agile fulfillment orchestration at multiple levels.

At NRF Retail's BIG Show in NYC, we will show how you can achieve the best results and create harmony within your operations and extended supply chain network.

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You are also invited to join us for our Exhibitor BIG Ideas session: Orchestrating Omnichannel Fulfillment Success at Duluth Trading Company  on Monday, January 17th @ 215pm EST  - Level 1, Expo Stage 2 

All in-attendance will receive a FREE copy of our Little Book of Distributed Order Management

What does Order Orchestration mean?

Fulfillment orchestration involves the intelligent execution of a dynamic set of rules, so that each and every order is fulfilled with precision according to defined business and logistical strategies.

Softeon’s Distributed Order Management System (DOM) solution empowers fulfillment orchestration at the network level, identifying the optimal sourcing point across the extended network based on granular, real-time visibility into inventories, customer commitments and SLAs, supply chain capacities and constraints, shipping costs and more.

Our powerful rules engine considers all these variables to identify and execute the fulfillment paths that satisfy customers while achieving the greatest profitability - with the rules easily modified over time without new coding as needs and strategies change.

Now viewed widely as essential to optimize omnichannel retail fulfillment, a growing array of brand companies and other non-retailers – from 3PLs to pharma companies - are also finding the need for optimal and dynamic sourcing execution.

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"As omnichannel commerce has exploded, DOM has become essential for managing efulfillment and more, even as the use of DOM in non-retail applications continues to expand."

from Softeon's, "The Little Book of Distributed Order Management"

Softeon provides similar fulfillment orchestration capabilities at the node or distribution center level.

Softeon provides similar fulfillment orchestration capabilities at the node or distribution center level.


Our powerful  Warehouse Management + Execution System orchestrates fulfillment at the DC by also dynamically executing rules for each order and individual pick, using optimization and “always-on” conditions - even monitoring to meet demand and SLAs at the least possible operating cost.

That includes synchronizing picks coming from multiple areas and types of automation/technologies in a continuous flow of goods, and dynamically adjusting priorities as a day or shift progresses, moving from a focus on optimization early-on to ensuring service levels and carrier cut off times are met as the day/shift nears its end.

Softeon delivers a power suite of solutions to drive competitive advantage in customer order fulfillment.

Standalone or together, Softeon’s Distributed Order Management and Warehouse Management + Execution System provide end-to-end fulfillment orchestration at the network and/or DC level, meaning you satisfy customer demand while maximizing the bottom line.

Let's discuss how we can create harmony within your fulfillment operations.