Spring 2024 Release allows for greater integration and customization through an updated, more intuitive interface

Softeon, the only tier-1 warehouse management system (WMS) provider focused on optimizing warehouse and fulfillment performance to increase operational efficiency, announced new capabilities and upgrades in its Spring 2024 Release (24.1). These enhancements are available for customers in the third-party logistics (3PL), healthcare, and food and beverage industries.

Softeon’s advantage for third-party logistics providers (3PLs) originates from a WMS platform tailored explicitly for multi-client 3PL setups. Virtually every aspect is customizable at the client level, facilitating an array of client-specific workflows within the same facility without limitations.

The 24.1 release enhances Softeon’s solutions with several new features, such as an improved user interface, faster client onboarding tools, pre-set configurations for common warehouse roles, better automation tool integration, and priority task management for pickers. Softeon’s biannual releases, in spring and fall, ensure its solution remains flexible, scalable, and beneficial for customers across all sizes.

“At Softeon, our unwavering focus remains on our customers. With the launch of our latest software upgrade, our dedication is clear: to furnish dynamic, customer-driven solutions that empower businesses in navigating the evolving landscape of warehousing challenges,” stated Jim Hoefflin, CEO of Softeon. “We’re proud to offer comprehensive solutions and steadfast support to tackle the intricacies of the world’s most advanced automated warehouses. At Softeon, empowering our clients to achieve peak performance with ease is our top priority.”

Key upgrades as part of the 24.1 release include:

New User Interface

Softeon’s Spring 2024 release features an enhanced user interface that  offers increased intuitiveness, expanded information, and enhanced controls for customers using the WMS.

Enhanced Onboarding

The new configurator feature in Softeon WMS makes it easier for 3PL’s to onboard new clients with greater accuracy and efficiency. The information related to SKUs, carriers, suppliers, location, inventory, and other data no longer needs to be recreated from scratch. This enhancement is available to companies using older versions of Softeon as well.

Multi-user Customization

From pickers to packers, warehouse functionality is at its most effective when various types of workers can work together seamlessly.  The new functional workbench provides pre-set groups of configurations and features for common warehouse personas into the same area.  This streamlines the process, minimizing the number of clicks needed to complete tasks within the system.

Integration of Automation Tools

Modern warehouses are made up of robots, material handling equipment, and other automated systems that enable companies to work quickly and efficiently. Connecting these parts into the WMS makes them smarter and lets leaders accomplish more with the same human capital. The Spring 2024 release has a new integration engine and interface that enables different platforms to communicate with greater efficiency and flexibility.

Improved Picker Efficiency with Task Interleaving

Picking the right product at the right time can save time and result in quicker fulfillment for time-sensitive orders. Softeon’s Spring 2024 release has added capabilities to insert priority tasks for pickers in the warehouse into their workflow. By organizing tasks based on importance, warehouse workers can reduce delays and improve overall efficiency.

“Efficiency and accuracy are the cornerstones of successful 3PL operations and we’ve addressed these priorities through our Spring 2024 Release,” said Mark Fralick, CTO, Softeon. “By prioritizing ease of use and streamlining workflows, we are empowering 3PLs to onboard new clients more readily, our enhanced configurator feature ensures a smooth transition by allowing replication of setups, and eliminating the need to start from scratch. Whether it’s managing SKUs, carriers, suppliers, or inventory, Softeon simplifies the process for both new and existing clients.”

To learn more about the new release and how to enjoy the benefits in your environment, send Softeon a message.

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