Company Seeing Growing Success in Omnichannel Retail with DOM, and Uniquely at Many Customers Outside of Retail as Well

RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Softeon, an innovative provider of supply chain software with the industry’s best track record of customer success, continues to build momentum in the Distributed Order Management market, where its industry leading capabilities are delivering results in the retail sector – and beyond.​


Distributed Order Management or DOM solutions have gained much traction in the retail sector in recent years as an almost essential tool to optimize and execute Omnichannel strategies.

For example, DOM allows companies to enable Omnichannel processes such as buy-online, pick-up-in-store and vendor drop-ship without making changes to existing business systems – which are often outdated, difficult and expensive to modify.

DOM also provides optimal sourcing logic, selecting the lowest-cost fulfillment point for an order that meets customer service requirements while considering network capacities and constraints, helping e-tailers to improve profitability while delighting customers.

Softeon also offers a variety of related modules along with its powerful DOM solution, including store fulfillment, returns management, and a complete traditional Order Management solution.

At one of its customers, a well-known and fast growing Omnichannel retailer, Softeon’s DOM is not only used to enable ecommerce processes and optimize sourcing decisions, but also to optimize where offshore goods should be shipped across its distribution center, third-party DC and growing store network after arriving into US ports.

While Softeon has enjoyed a number of DOM successes in retail and consumer goods, unlike its DOM rivals, Softeon is also achieving DOM results outside of retail.

Examples include:

Sears Home Services, the appliance repair unit of Sears, uses Softeon DOM (and WMS) to manage complex logistics flows across a multi-echelon network, including the vans of thousands of technicians. Softeon DOM not only optimizes order sourcing decisions, but also the reverse logistics process for returned or damaged parts.

Sony DADC uses Softeon DOM to rapidly on-board new clients for its distribution services and maintain detailed rules relative to how and when new products can be released. The Softeon solution not only manages physical distribution, but also includes a “digital DOM” that manages electronic entertainment media.

A leading pharmacy benefits manager uses Softeon DOM to route orders optimally across its broad network of distribution sites, many of which have automated picking systems with fixed capacities that must be considered by the DOM when determining the sourcing location.
These are just a few examples of how Softeon DOM is delivering benefits to companies outside the retail sector.

“While many of these applications seem much different than what is found in the Omnichannel sector, it turns out that the logic for where to source an order from across an extended network is very similar regardless of the industry,” says Dan Gilmore, Chief Marketing Officer at Softeon, adding, “The same is true for building visibility into inventory, capacities and constraints across a supply chain network.”

As detailed in Softeon’s “The Little Book of Distributed Order Management,” there are a number of other use cases for DOM solutions, including serving as an “Order Hub” that sits above disparate ERP and traditional Order Management systems at companies.

“The Little Book of Distributed Order Management,” the supply chain’s best primer on DOM technology, can be accessed from the Softeon web site: www.Softeon.com/getDOMbook

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