Source: Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) Evolves Beyond “inside the four walls”  by Roberto Michel – Logistics Management Magazine


Warehouse execution system (WES) software is becoming more important to automated warehouses that need to manage machines, people and inventory resources against a high-velocity stream of orders and tight delivery commitments. WES can be more than a one-function solution for orchestrating zones “inside the four walls,” and can instead operate as a complex hybrid that paces work to logistics events. wes


“Dan Gilmore, chief marketing officer at Softeon, a supply chain software vendor whose WMS has WES capabilities, agrees it is important to link WES with the latest transportation updates so that the WES logic can adjust the flow of work. One key benefit from WES, he adds, is how it supports pull-driven work that hits customer service levels, while looking for opportunities for efficiencies from pick density, especially earlier in a shift.

‘As the day proceeds, more and more of it starts to become a factor of service commitments, and making sure the parcels that are supposed to get on the truck make it there on time to meet delivery commitments,’ says Gilmore. ‘I think now [with WES] we’ve got a vision for warehousing that looks more lean-oriented and pull-driven than the systems of the past.’ “

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