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Whether you need a refresher or missed the demo, we have just the thing for you. An on-demand version of the demo will be posted on this page in the coming days, and we will make sure to alert you as soon as it is available. If you would like a live, virtual demo of these solutions or any other Softeon solution, or need information immediately, please use the contact form below.

Demo Details:

AN INDUSTRY FIRST. Experience a Breakthrough Solution combining the most Advanced WMS with the most Powerful WES including order fulfillment capabilities that optimize RF, Voice, put walls, pick-to-light, smart carts, mobile robots and more. These features reflect the innovation that has been recognized by experts from organizations such as Gartner as being unique in the industry, expressed in the latest Gartner Critical Capabilities for Warehouse Management Systems.


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Warehouse Execution Systems and the “Smart” Distribution Center

Key Takeaways:

  • The basics of Warehouse Execution Systems (WES)
  • How new WES capabilities can take existing automated and non-automated DCs to new levels of performance 
  • How Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can be used to drive better WES decision-making
  • What the Smart Distribution Center of the future will look like
Podcast Recording:

Warehouse Management Systems 2020: That Was Then - This is NOW.

Key Takeaways:

  • The key areas where WMS providers are extending capabilities
  • What new WMS functionality is available now and what to look for in the next couple of years
  • How Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will impact WMS
  • How WMS + WES will truly deliver the intelligent DC
Podcast Recording:

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