Business Overview

  • Hensley Beverage Company was born in 1955 with just fifteen employees in Phoenix, Arizona distributing Anheuser Busch beer
  • Today Hensley has over 1,000 employees and is one of the largest family-owned beverage distributors in the country
  • Hensley is committed to selling world-class beverages, and has expanded their products to include craft beers, fine wines, spirits, and non-alcoholic drinks as well
  • In addition Hensley is dedicated to treating both their employees and customers like family and giving them the utmost respect, as well as being a philanthropic company committed to reducing drunk driving and alcohol abuse

Business Objectives

  • Required a WMS that could efficiently do the picking and load planning operations for beer and wine in real-time mode; they also needed to balance inventory across the various locations 
  • With the continued complexities of managing SKUs and multiple warehouses, Hensley was looking for an integrated solution with a strong WMS and integrated RAS and DSD solutions
  • Required a top-notch RAS solution that Softeon could provide to manage their routes and provide great solutions for AR, AP, GL reporting, and complex pricing models
  • Needed to be able to adapt to developing needs and form a true partnership

Warehousing Solutions