Dietz & Watson

Business Overview

  • Family-owned business founded in 1939
  • Manages more than 8,000 SKUs, including premium meat delicacies and artisan cheeses
  • Partnered with Black Bear Distribution for 3PL services
  • Distribution from Black Bear’s 300,000 square foot Delanco, NJ DC with full temperature control down to minus 10 degrees

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Business Objectives

  • Required higher efficiency through the DC
  • Non-direct put-away, limited order visibility with mostly paper reporting
  • Manual-driven picking process not optimally utilizing people and equipment
  • Difficulty in implementing food-industry specific compliances like serial number tracking, “sell by date” tracking, lot code management, etc. and also tracking returns/recalls, etc.
  • Direct-to-store shipments were time consuming and labor intensive
  • Difficult to manage customer queries without real-time visibility



  • Staged implementation achieved 100% visibility with dynamic real-time reporting
  • Reduced order turnaround time by 25%
  • Full system-driven put away, wave management and pick optimization with full recall capability
  • Advanced receiving due to complete system integration to the production facilities
  • Complete track and trace facility due to serialization down to case level
  • Improved billing accuracy and audit trail


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