PSS Distribution Services

Third-Party Logistics (3PL)
Jamesburg, New Jersey
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Business Overview

PSS started in 1983 and is conveniently located near four major seaports along the east coast
They are a full service logistics provider and a leader in 3PL solutions
Goal is to keep customers satisfied and make sure their products are affordable and time sensitive
The core business of PSS is distribution services for the food, grocery, and CPG industries


PSS wants to ensure inventory accuracy and lot control
Looking to provide accurate, real time data to their customers
Wants to be as cost effective as possible and guarantee customer satisfaction
Ability to rapidly onboard new customers
Improved information accuracy throughout the supply chain
On-demand WMS solution by location gives each branch rapid ability to scale and lowers IT costs
Increased market responsiveness and ability to quickly onboard new 3PL customers
Powered by Softeon, inventory accuracy, cycle count benefits, kitting, assembly builds and lot controls are all at company highs. PSS is meeting and exceeding client requirement in all fore mentioned areas
Softeon voice pick technology and wave picking have provided significant improvement in productivity and accuracy


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