Atlantic Dominion

Industry: Convenience Store Distribution
Headquarters: Virginia Beach, VA
Distribution Centers: Virginia Beach, VA, USA || Hope Mills, NC, USA

Atlantic Dominion


Atlantic Dominion was originally founded in 1875 as a Tobacco Company and established as a retail distributor in 1904. Today, the company supplies all classes of the retail trade with 10,000 different products including retail consumer goods, frozen foods, tobacco, candy, cigar and cigarettes. They are now the 19th largest convenience store distributor in the USA.

Business Challenge

Atlantic Dominion wanted to increase customer service capabilities to keep up with the needs of their growing retail base. Their plan was to improve order visibility and increase efficiency in warehouse and distribution operations. The company needed better capacity utilization and picking efficiencies in their piece pick and cartonization operations. In addition, they needed a sales tax solution to manage the high degree of complexities and challenges in dealing with state specific duties/tax for cigarette stamps generation and related reverse logistics.

Softeon Solution

Atlantic Dominion selected Softeon WMS to replace their legacy ERP system. They handle 8000+ SKUs through pallet, case or piece pick. Warehouse and distribution operations were fully optimized from end-to-end for faster order fulfillment and visibility. The team implemented true multi-building, inventory visibility and capabilities in inventory control for other areas such as picking by zones for frozen/dry foods, drinks, cigarettes and retail items sold in convenience stores. In addition, they gained capabilities for custom distribution services to customers as needed.


Atlantic Dominion is ranked in the Top 20 list of convenience store distributors by achieving their goals for superior customer service. Softeon WMS provided significant gains in capabilities, efficiency and performance that boosted their ability to compete.

  • Improved product slotting and travel path optimization strategies
  • Increased productivity with voice picking for piece pick and case pick 
  • Streamlined operations in the cigarettes zone 
  • Improved inventory accuracy and automated cycle counting processes 
  • Automated cigarette sales tax and returns processing 
  • Gained order visibility 
  • Achieved significant improvement in customer service

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From our planning days to implementation to day-to-day operations, Softeon has been a tremendous company to work with. I truly feel that we are a better company today than we were before we started the implementation"

David S. Carter
Operations Director, Atlantic Dominion Distributors

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