Order fulfillment is the ultimate goal of supply chain management, and there are a lot of steps involved in meeting that goal. If you want to modernize your order fulfillment and develop a process that keeps up with brutal demands, you need distributed order management (DOM) software. It’s a key piece of supply chain and warehouse management, and it improves your fulfillment on two fronts.


You already have order sourcing, or you wouldn’t have a business. But you also understand the need to keep up with modern ordering and sourcing trends. What you need is something that can integrate your existing sourcing with new options. If you can add some big data and analytics into the mix, that’s even better. That’s what DOM does. It plugs your existing sourcing into powerful software that can help you optimize that sourcing even while you explore additional options. Then, it puts all of that into a holistic management suite that helps you track every nuance and detail of your supply chain.


Routing is where DOM is a true workhorse. It’s pretty to see major opportunities for optimizing routing, and that ultimately leads to a more efficient system and superior fulfillment — which we’ll discuss more in a moment. Routing is where you want heavy analytics, and you want to be able to integrate your DOM with your warehouse management software (WMS) to get the best of every world.



When sourcing and routing are at their peak, you expect fulfillment to benefit, and it does. In modern competition, great fulfillment isn’t good enough. You need reliably perfect fulfillment. Everyone is optimizing their systems as much as you are, and that means that you have to deliver in line with those expectations. Otherwise, you lose contracts.

DOM is entirely geared towards the end game of perfect fulfillment. You can check out our DOM software and see the specific tools that can help you modernize your order fulfillment process.

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