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Atlantic Dominion

Business Overview:

  •  Atlantic Dominion was originally founded as a tobacco company in 1875, and became a retail distributor in 1904
  • Today Atlantic Dominion sells over 10,000 different retail products including frozen foods, retail goods, candy, tobacco, cigars, and cigarettes
  • They are currently the 19th largest convenience store distributor in the country

Business Objectives:

  • Wanted to increase customer service capabilities to keep up with the needs of their growing retail base
  • Strived to improve order visibility and increase efficiency in warehouse and distribution operations
  • Needed better capacity utilization and picking efficiencies 
  • Required a sales tax solution to manage a high degree of complexities and challenges dealing with state specific taxes for cigarette stamp generation and related reverse logistics



  • Improved product slotting and travel path optimization strategies
  • Increased productivity with voice picking for piece pick and case pick
  • Streamlined operations in the cigarette zone
  • Improved inventory accuracy and automated cycle counting processes
  • Automated cigarette sales tax and returns processing
  • Gained order visibility
  • Achieved significant improvement in customer service 


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