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Gartner ranks Softeon second in WMS Level 2/3, Level 4, and Level 5 Warehouse Operation use cases.
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Casely's General Store

Casey's continual expansion meant the need for a more robust WMS that could not only handle their diverse business processes, but could be implemented efficiently - on-time and on-budget.

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One of the most difficult things to manage in terms of an inventory based business is how much demand you have for your inventory and your actual inventory level that is kept...

26 June, 2019

The sale is done – but it’s Not Over.

It takes an extraordinary effort to keep up with supply chain management. Moving goods requires so much more than just shipping...

01 May, 2019

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Aug 29 2019
From WMS Process Validation to What-If Analysis and Resource Planning, Softeon WES Improves Throughput and Decision-Making 08.28.19 RESTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Softeon, a global supply chain...
Jul 10 2019
Softeon Expands Retail and eCommerce Logistics Solution Footprint and Success   Existing Capabilities Bolstered with New Functionality in Warehouse Execution, Order Fulfillment, Store Fulfillment and...
Jul 09 2019
Source: Modern Materials Handling Magazine 07.09.2019 Although warehouse management systems were late to the cloud party, software pricing and deployment options are driving adoption. We’re seeing...