description1Forward thinking, integrated approach.

We’re a provider of complete end-to-end solutions in supply chain planning and execution that go beyond typical offerings. With an emphasis on a supply chain convergence platform, Softeon solutions allow seamless process orchestration across your entire supply chain network. Whether you need a stand-alone solution, integration with other enterprise systems or the capability to extend the solution with changing business needs, our modular approach allows for a right-sized, scalable and extensible solution.

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Customer Success

description2Unparalleled customer results.

No other supply chain management provider delivers the level of customer satisfaction like Softeon. In a range of industries, from consumer goods and retail to food and beverage as well as electronics and service parts, Softeon customers achieve stellar operational improvements. Lower cost of ownership and 24/7 global support are standard with Softeon.

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description3The Networked Supply Chain.

A solution platform leveraging industry standards and web native — not merely web-enabled — means your supply chain stays as flexible and dynamic as the platform. Softeon’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) allows solutions to collaborate with each other from the simplest of data exchanges to orchestrating complex supply chain processes. Our rule-based engines allow the flexibility to keep pace with changing business needs without significant increases in technology costs.

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