Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions - VMI

Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions - VMI

VMI and Demand Planning: Innovative planning platform for your supply chain network.

Softeon Vendor Managed Inventory streamlines the supply chain.

Inventory, the most visible part of the supply chain, is difficult to balance in the handoff from suppliers, manufacturers and distributors to retailers. For all the stakeholders in the supply chain, proper inventory management and demand planning can make or break the bottom line and determine business success. Many companies struggle with inventory planning and demand balancing in their quest for improved “one number” sales and operations planning (S&OP). New-generation supply chain planning solutions, such as Softeon’s vendor managed inventory (VMI) system, help ease the gap. Softeon VMI software provides inventory-demand balancing and demand planning in a single vendor managed solution.

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Softeon Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Softeon Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) enables all stakeholders in the supply chain to see into their networks and perform better demand forecasting and inventory planning in true collaborative fashion with vendors.

Vendor Managed




Optimize inventory-demand balance with Softeon VMI.

Softeon VMI Vendor Managed Inventory enables all stakeholders in the supply chain to see into their networks and perform better S&OP forecasting and demand planning in true partnership fashion. Vendor managed inventory process uses various data feeds to create an optimized “demand stream” and perform inventory-demand balancing. The solution examines raw data collected by the system to see into in-store inventory levels and establish forecasts and demand based on factors such as seasonality, promotions, campaigns, merchandising plans and actual sales.

Manufacturers, distributors, retailers and companies that use Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) software from Softeon:

  • Gain real-time visibility of stock levels to identify priorities for replenishment
  • Manage actual sales, maintain minimum inventory levels and change minimum levels depending on seasonality, promotions or other events at supplier, retailer and/or store level
  • Determine most optimized store replenishment needs to help stores manage the right amount of inventory at the right time
  • Set event alerts by priority level or type of stock to reorder
  • Assess store, distributor or manufacturer inventory data at single or aggregate level for better demand planning and stock optimization.

With Softeon VMI, visibility into stock levels throughout the supply chain, including reduction of stock-outs and over-stock situations, improved localized operations at the store level and higher revenues due to better demand-chain performance are a natural occurrence. Get the Softeon Advantage with VMI to get all vendor managed inventory benefits.


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