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Distributed Order Management (DOM) systems have become critical to supply chain execution, notably in omnichannel fulfillment but in many additional applications as well. DOM can be used to automate, optimize and orchestrate order fulfillment processes, based on granular visibility to orders, inventory, service requirements, costs and constraints.

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Distributed Order Management (DOM) is probably the most important supply chain software category many professionals have have never heard of.

DOM in fact has become essential for successfully executing omnichannel commerce by enabling new process such as buy on-line, pick-up in store (BOPIS), store-based fulfillment and more. DOM software also enables optimal order sourcing for lowest cost fulfillment while considering network capacities and constraints and meeting customer service requirements.

But DOM software has many other use cases beyond omnichannel fulfillment.

In this outstanding Videocast, we'll discuss all this and more, based on the new Little Book of Distributed Order Management, written by our two Videocast presenters Dan Gilmore, SCDigest Editor, and Satish Kumar, VP Client Services, Softeon.

In this Videocast, we will:

  • Explore why the time if now for DOM technology
  • Summarize the 5 most common DOM use cases
  • Review important DOM capabilities and components
  • Discuss the real keys to DOM deployment success

All attendees will receive a link to receive a complimentary hardcopy of the book or download the e-book version.

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