Our core technology sets us apart from other best-of-breed supply chain solution providers. A platform independent approach, agility and accessibility are core design principles that drive our product sets. Softeon’s underlying technology platform is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) framework – high-level software components that include web services which are event or process driven – with non-proprietary component-based architecture.

The result is solutions that are:

  • Extensible: implementation considers future growth
  • Scalable: easily handles increasing business volumes
  • Interoperable: works seamlessly with other products or systems

Softeon delivers lower TCO than other best-of-breed solution providers

The ultimate benefit of Softeon technology to customers is reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) with the agility to respond to changing business needs. Set yourself apart from your competitors with Softeon supply chain management solutions to achieve:

  • Anywhere, anytime access with zero client footprint
  • Solutions that grow and change with your organization, partners and business processes
  • Easy, seamless integration with your peripheral systems – including legacy, automation equipment, voice, RFID – without significant impact from upgrades to these systems

Enabling the agile supply chain

No matter how varied your supply chain landscape, our modular supply chain management solutions seamlessly integrate with your internal and external systems. Each module – deployed as a standalone solution or as an integrated suite of products – features:

  • Powerful Rule Engine to manage business process changes- A native rule engine that includes rule chaining, expression builder and dynamic rule enabling
  • State Management: a robust state management component that handles dynamic state transitions coupled with our rule engine
  • Workflow Orchestration to dynamically and effectively manage your supply chain activities- Workflow orchestrator component enables process orchestration and synchronization
  • Event Management: a powerful event engine component that supports system and user-defined events, monitoring, administration and works in conjunction with the state management component

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