Softeon provides innovative supply chain solutions for clients throughout the world, including small businesses and market leaders in many industrial sectors. Our platform covers the complete spectrum from transportation to supply chain management, providing our clients with the agility they need to stay ahead of their competitors.

Transportation Management

The procurement, planning and execution of transportation is particularly challenging given the complexity of today’s global supply chains. Transportation management also requires the examination, adjustment, and verification of freight bills to ensure their accuracy. Additional challenges in transportation management include streamlining inbound and outbound logistics while monitoring shipments for contract compliance, tracking constraints on carrier capacity, and keeping up with rate changes.

Softeon’s transportation management system (TMS) provides users with the full functionality needed to meet these requirements. TMS facilitates the management of multi-modal transportation by building routes with a rules engine that optimizes shipments for all carriers and modes. This capability improves the user’s control over the logistics process, reducing transportation costs, and improving customer service.

The key features of Softeon TMS include a rules-based freight auditing engine that automatically alerts the user to late deliveries, overcharges, or shipping charges that fail to comply with service level agreements (SLAs). This engine also examines the basic rates, extra charges, and discounts to find the lowest rate. Additional features of TMS include the automatic consolidation of loads across modes, load tendering, and carrier manifesting.

Supply Chain Management

TMS allows logistics managers to view transportation data in real time, so they can see the big picture needed to optimize transportation planning and minimize costs. Its flexible, service-oriented architecture provides full support for standard protocols such as electronic data interchange (EDI). TMS is also easy to integrate with other supply chain systems, facilitating collaboration with partners and further tightening operations.

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