Softeon Optimized Put Wall Solution

Softeon Optimized Put Wall Solution

Superior Solution Maximizes Performance and ROI

Softeon provides the industry’s most powerful, flexible and optimized Put Wall solution, reducing picking costs, optimizing throughput, and maximizing flexibility.

In the face of efulfillment and other pressures, companies are increasingly turning to Put Wall systems to reduce order picking costs and increase throughput. What is a Put Wall? A Put Wall is a fulfillment system that uses a physical structure to create a series of “cubbie holes” or slots into which products for customer orders are placed, or put, after picking. Each slot holds products for all, or part, of an individual customer order.


Put Wall Benefits

Put Walls – if supported with the right software – can deliver superior results in terms of cost and throughput versus common alternatives, such as use of pick carts alone.

By using a Put Wall, order picking efficiencies are gained through the use of batch picking, where picks are grouped, so that all items needed for orders to be processed in a given wall module or modules are picked in one stop at each location. This is generally much more efficient than discrete order picking.

Experience has shown that putting and packing operations using lights delivers high levels of order accuracy, and can be performed in a paperless environment - with all the benefits associated with that.

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Softeon Put Wall Solution: Superior Solution Maximizes Performance and ROI



Put Wall Management Software is Key

Without the right software, fulfillment sites can experience the following issues:

  • Sub-optimal order batching
  • The right orders not directed to the wall for processing at the right time
  • Excessive dwell times – put wall slots are held up for an hour or more awaiting items needed to complete orders
  • Challenges managing overall Put Wall operations
  • Challenges hitting carrier cut-off times

Softeon Put Wall, a subset of our full Warehouse Execution System (WES), eliminates all those challenges and more with a powerful, highly configurable and optimized solution to maximize full Put Wall system productivity, throughput, and customer service.

Optimizing Put Wall Execution

Optimizing Put Wall Execution

To determine what cartons/totes should be released, the system can consider the work at a given wall module, how much work is in the queue, orders on the conveyor, and even orders awaiting picking. Dwell time – the time it takes a given slot to be “turned” – is minimized, as the system automatically prioritizes picks to minimize turn times. Softeon Put Wall also calculates the expected time it will take for products to reach the Put Walls. Picks are released in a way that uses those time calculations to ensure all the products for an order will arrive at the same time. In fact, the system automatically releases orders based on customer service commitments, carrier cut-off times, and time it will take to do the work to ensure SLAs are met.