Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Solutions

Power Your Supply Chain with a Modern Technology Platform

Pharmaceutical and Life Science (LS) organizations face limitations of ERP-centric and heavily customized or legacy supply chain systems. Systems often work in silos – order management, inventory, pharmaceutical dispensation and shipping systems. Digital transformation is key to making supply chains efficient and adaptable. 

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Solutions

Softeon’s modular solutions and powerful component-based architecture are engineered for superior speed and world-class performance. Softeon’s advanced supply chain platform makes deployment easy, fast and more affordable by having robust, validated API libraries, components and services combined with enterprise master data management (MDM) services to handle NDC, national drug databases, and DSCSA regulatory compliances.



Softeon Enterprise Integration Workbench is a native toolset to Softeon Platform which provide a repository of services for integration to host/external systems and automation. 

Softeon seamlessly handles integration to TCA (Tablet/Capsule) and UUA (Unit of Use) automation, dispensation robots and other material handling equipment – conveyors, ASRS, Putwalls, ARMs (Autonomous Mobile Robots), and “smart carts” used for receiving, mass putaway into storage or dispensing locations using Lights and Voice technologies.


Inventory Planning + Optimization addresses Rx fulfillment efficiencies by maintaining the right inventory in the Distribution Center at various storage locations and dispensing zones.

Supporting comprehensive inventory planning, the feature set computes procurement quantity by considering the established OP/OQ (Order Point/Order Quantity) points on various dispensing zones on the floor in real-time and aggregates demand, reviewing back order positions and Product/NDC Databases on host systems, NDC substitution rules etc. to trigger purchasing actions.

Inventory management supports accurate valuation reports based on standard pharma practices and Inventory Control feature sets support powerful drug recall processes/workflows.


eSampling is a business model being adopted by Pharma for HCPs (Health Care Practitioners) to order samples. Softeon’s order entry portal is configured specially for eSampling programs which can be deployed quickly. The eSampling portal augments the traditional model used by Medical representatives to handle product introduction, promotion, sampling and delivery.


Softeon Pharmaceutical & Life Science Core Modules

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse Management System (WMS):

Our warehouse configuration wizard accelerates set-up while our rules-based solution enables dynamic adoption of process or requirement changes without modifying any code.

Distributed Order Management (DOM)

Distributed Order Management (DOM):

DOM orchestrates various order types – home delivery, specialty drugs, refrigerated, hazardous, USP 800, Schedule 1 and 2, controlled substances, etc. DOM supports powerful sourcing functions based on a configurable rules/workflow engine - order splits, cage and state-specific rules, carrier determination and more.

Slotting Management

Slotting Management:

Slotting Management identifies optimal product placement to minimize picking and putaway travel distances, reduce replenishments, balance workload across zones and optimize warehouse productivity.

Assembly & Kitting

Assembly & Kitting:

Leads the industry with advanced materials requirement planning tools for assembly & kitting, facilitating the integration of distribution and manufacturing processes. Other Value Added Services are supported like re-packaging, labeling, etc. For 3PLs handling Pharma logistics, the Softeon platform comes with a powerful Billing engine for costing and billing of kitting and VAS.

Labor & Resource Management

Labor + Resource Management:

Labor + Resource Management allows managers to plan labor resource requirements. The solution includes a powerful “what if” analysis tool to determine the effectiveness of making changes using actual operating data at any point in time.

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Softeon Pharmaceutical + Life Sciences

The Softeon platform enables you to achieve your goals in record time - whether you are a Pharmaceutical/Medical devices manufacturer, Pharmacy Benefits Manager, Distributor or Logistics service provider (3PL).