Efficient transportation planning and execution

Transportation procurement, planning, execution and freight auditing is no easy task given today’s global supply chains. Streamlining inbound and outbound logistics while monitoring contract compliance and keeping up with carrier capacity constraints and rate changes are daunting tasks. Softeon’s powerful transportation management system (TMS) offers full functionality to address these issues.

Planning, optimizing and executing international multi-modal transportation is easy with Softeon TMS. Build shipments and routes based on the powerful rules engine for shipment optimization that supports all carriers and modes. You gain improved control over logistics processes to reduce transportation spending and improve customer service. Key features of Softeon TMS:

  • Automatic load tendering and carrier manifesting
  • Rules-based rate shopping engine finds the lowest rate after examining basic rates, discounts and accessorial charges
  • Consolidate loads across modes for additional cost savings
  • Rules-based freight invoice auditing with automatic notification: avoid overcharges and receive alerts for monitoring SLAs to ensure shipments are delivered timely and against agreed-upon rates

Softeon Transportation Management System

Softeon transportation management system allows logistics managers to see the big picture of carrier management with real-time visibility of transportation data to reduce transportation costs and optimize transportation planning.




The integrated supply chain with Softeon technology

Softeon’s flexible, service-oriented architecture enables full end-to-end support for all industry-standard languages, including EDI. Driven by Softeon technology, TMS easily integrates with other enterprise and supply chain systems to tighten operations and facilitate partner collaboration.

Discover how TMS delivers the true Softeon Advantage by taking supply chain to the next level.

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